Week of May 20 – 22

End of the Year Ho’ike: Mahalo to all ‘ohana that joined us last week at our end of the year Ho’ike and Learning Showcase at Kumuola. Our keiki did a wonderful job sharing all that they have learned this year. I am sooooo proud of each of them.

Student Work/Supplies: Please make sure to empty out your keiki’s school bag on Monday and Tuesday and have your keiki come to school with an empty bag. School work and supplies will be coming home over the next 2 days.

Yearbooks: School books will be going home tomorrow. For those students with library obligations, your year book will be withheld until late library books are returned or paid for. Kumu Kanani from the library was suppose to inform ‘ohana with library obligations. I will email those ‘ohana also to let you know who you are.

Huaka’i tomorrow: Tomorrow, we will visit our kupuna at the Hawaii Island Adult Care. We did visit them in December and we want to end our year visiting them once again to share the gift of mele. We are also hoping to have time for each keiki to read with a kupuna whole there. Please have your keiki come dressed in their school uniform. We will leave in the morning and return before lunch.

Last Day of School: The last day of school for students is this Wednesday. It is a full day of school. We will end the day with our annual school carnival at the out door play court.

Mahalo!!!! : As we end this school year, I want to offer my sincere aloha and mahalo to everyone for entrusting me with your keiki. It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to watch every keiki grow and flourish through the year. Your support have been so instrumental in making this year a memorable and successful year. My wish for each keiki is that they continue to grow and flourish. I look forward to watching their journey as they move forth. Ke aloha nui!

Week of May 13 – 17

Aloha ‘ohana,Reminder, tomorrow is our end of year learning showcase at Kumuola. Our papa 1 are so excited to share their learning with you all. Please have your keiki wear their ‘Oiwi Edge shirts along with uniform shorts. For girls who don’t have shorts, skorts will be fine too. Students will also be allowed to wear slippers. Our program will begin at 10:30 am. When coming to Kumuola, please find parking outside, along fence or along 4 miles road. Parking will be tight, please be mindful of all ‘ohana. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Teacher’s Appreciation: With much aloha, I mahalo everyone for the gifts of appreciation last. I am truly grateful and thankful! I am blessed to have this amazing opportunity to work with your keiki everyday.

End of the Year Reading Assessments: Papa 1 will have a sub on Thursday and Friday while I do end of the year reading assessments.

Last Huaka’i: Next week Tuesday, we will visit the kupuna at the Hawaii Island Adult Care to once again share the gift of mele (song). Keiki will then have time to spend with kupuna and read their kupuna stories that they have been written.

Last Day of School: Can you believe it, next week Wednesday is the last day of school for students. What an amazing year of adventures, learning and growth. I am so proud of each keiki.

Aloha Wear Day this Friday.

Week of May 6 – 10

MAP Testing: MAP Testing for papa 1 is scheduled for tomorrow morning in our classroom. Please make sure your keiki gets a good nights rest and breakfast in the morning.

Convocation: K-12 end of year convocation is this Friday. Please make sure your keiki comes dressed in their dress whites. Girls in skirts and boys in long uniform pants.

Capes and Masks: Mahalo nui for your support in adding more detail to your keiki’s cape and mask. The many capes and masks that came in this morning are amazing. Our keiki were so happy to share their work.

Ho’ike: Next week Tuesday is our learning showcase at Kumuola. Everyone should have the invited. Please make sure to sign up for pot luck. Let’s all come and see the amazing learning that has taken place and let’s celebrate our keiki and their accomplishments.

Homework: This will be the last week of spelling homework. We will continue having book log as it is important to read everyday.

Spelling: 1) coat, 2) boat, 3) soak, 4) load, 5) soap, 6) cloak, 7) goat, 8) float, 9) road, 10) goal

Week of a April 29 – May 2

May Day: May will be held on Friday. Program to start at 8:15 am. Students needs to wear aloha wear. Mai poina, school ends at 11:15 am.

End of the Year Ho’ike: End of the year ho’ike is set to happen on Tuesday, May 14 from 10:30 – 1:00. Our keiki are excitingly preparing for this day. Please make sure to sing up for the pot luck.

Superhero Cape and Mask: On Thursday, I will be sending home your keiki’s superhero cape and mask. Please refer to the instructions that will be sent home too. Capes and masks will be due back at school on May 6.

Spelling: “ow” words; 1) cow, 2) plow, 3) brown, 4) town, 5) clown, 6) frown, 7) flower, 8) towel, 9) now, 10) down

Week of April 22 – 26

Huaka’i this Week: On Wednesday, we will be visiting Kumuola. Please have your Meiji come mākaukau like previous trips to Kumuola. Swimwear/clothes that can get wet, extra clothes, towel, tabis. Students may also wear slippers on this day. On Friday, we will be visiting the Civic Auditorium Craft Fair and ‘Imiloa. Mahalo to all parent chaperones that will be joining us on this day. Our keiki will be grouped with parent chaperones and kumu in order to explore these sites more efficiently. Please be reminded that parents will need to pay for their entrance to ‘Imiloa, we will cover students cost. Parents, don’t forget to bring homelunch with you also, we will be having lunch at ‘Imiloa. Please have your keiki wear their ‘Ōiwi Edge shirt with school uniform shorts or pants.

Aloha Wear this Week: In celebration of the Merrie Monarch Festival, students can wear aloha wear all week (other than our huaka’i days). Please refer to the announcement that was sent home last week.

Easter Pule: Mahalo for supporting your keiki with their Easter pule. Please make sure to return evaluation form and if possible, please send me a video of your keiki’s pule. Mahalo to those ‘ohana who have already sent a video, awesome job!

Super Hero Capes and Masks: Last week, our keiki designed their kāpala (stamp) for their super hero capes, we are planning to have them stamp their cape on Monday. We will be sending home capes for ‘ohana to kōkua and add to cape. Adding more to the cape is optional, but we wanted to offer the opportunity for ‘ohana to support keiki. Each keiki will also be given a mask that will need to be designed according to their element from the fishpond. This will be a ‘ohana project. Be creative and have fun.

Spelling List: 1) deep, 2) feel, 3) green, 4) seed, 5) need, 6) sweep, 7) wheel, 8) sneeze, 9) cheese, 10) knee

Specials: Monday: PE/Hawaiian, Tuesday: Hawaiian/ Music, Thursday: Hawaiian/PE

Week of April 15 – April 18

Chapel on Wednesday: Dress whites on Wednesday for our Easter Chapel.

No School: No school on Friday, Good Friday.

Huaka’i Kumuola: We are going to Kumuola next week Wednesday, April 24. Please make sure your Meiji comes prepared as usual. All keiki will be testing their prototypes, catching and cleaning fish for our hō’ike and preparing for our end of the year learning showcase on May 14. Chaperones will need to bring their own homelunch.

Huaka’i: Next week Friday, we are on huaka’i again. We will be visiting the Civic Auditorium Craft Fair and ‘Imiloa. Mahalo nui to all that have volunteered to join us on this day as keiki’s will be grouped with chaperones to explore the craft fair and learn about the different artisans sharing/selling their work. When we are at ‘Imiloa, chaperones will need to pay for their admission into ‘Imiloa (e kala mai), the school will cover student admission cost. Chaperones will need to bring their own homelunch.

End of the Year Learning Showcase: On Tuesday, May 14, we will be having our end of the year learning showcase at Kumuola. We would like someone from every ‘Ohana to come and join us. This will also be a pot luck. Let’s celebrate the amazing work our Meiji has done this year together.

Superhero Capes and Mask: Please watch for info coming home on supporting your keiki in the completion of their capes and masks.

Spelling: Long /oo/. 1. moon, 2. spoon, 3. tooth, 4. broom, 5. soon, 6. pool, 7. scoop, 8. root, 9. book, 10. school

Specials: Mon.: Hawaiian/Art, Tues.: Science, Wed.: Science, Thurs.: Music/Lib

Week of April 8 – 12

Swim Class : Mahalo nui to all the ‘ohana that came out to volunteer their time today for swim classes. Your time is truly appreciated:)

No School: No school for students this Friday, April, 12. This is a teacher inservice day.

Kupuna Name: Last week, a form was sent home requesting your keiki’s full name and story behind their name. We are also asking for their kupuna’s full name. This is in regards to the kupuna interview they did in November and their story that their are currently working on. Please complete and turn in this week please.

Reading Response Journals: For the past 2 Wednesday’s, I have been sending home their “Reading Response Journal”. They have till Friday to complete on a reading of choice.

Spelling: Long o in o-e words. 1. nose, 2. rose, 3. bone, 4. cone, 5. code, 6. hole, 7. note, 8. spoke, 9. rope. 10. home

Specials: Tuesday; Hawaiian/Music, Wednesday; PE, Thursday; Hawaiian/PE

Week of April 1 – 5

Huaka’i to Kumuola: We will be visiting Kumuola this Thursday. Please have your keiki ready like past huaka’i. For this trip, please make sure your keiki wears their ‘ōiwi edge t-shirts. Trustees will be making a brief visit to see the amazing learning our keiki are doing.

Chaperones: This month is a busy one! Much mahalo to all ‘ohana for your time to come and chaperone along with us. Here are upcoming trips: April 4, April 8 (swimming), April 24, and April 26. Busy, busy, oh so exciting!!!

Mark Your Calendars: Our end of the year learning showcase will be held at Kumuola on Tuesday, May 14. We would love to have all ‘ohana attend. It will be a pot luck. We are also looking for any ‘ohana who would be able to cook/steam the ‘ama’ama fish that our keiki will be catching for this celebration. Please let us know if you are able to kōkua.

1/2 gallon milk/juice carton: Mrs. Varize is wanting to share an easter art activity with our papa 1. She is in need of empty 1/2 gallon milk/juice cartons. If you are able to bring 1 or 2, it would be appreciated. Make sure carton is empty and clean.

Math: We will be doing a short unit on time this week. Introducing time on the hour and 1/2 hour.

No School: No school for students on Friday, April 12. This is a Faculty In-Service day.

Specials: Mon.; Hawaiian/PE, Tues.; Hawaiian/Art, Wed.; PE, Thurs.; Science, Fri.; Music/Library.

Spelling: (Long i sound) 1.cry, 2. try 3. fry 4. cried, 5. tried, 6. fried, 7. night, 8. right, 9. light, 10. high

Week of March 25-29

Welcome Back!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! It will be exciting to see the keiki Monday morning. I am so excited for them to see the new student desks we just received. I will give the keiki an opportunity to design our table set ups tomorrow, wish us luck.

Kuhio Day: No school on Tuesday in observance of Kuhio Day.

SeeSaw: Please remember to sign up for SeeSaw. I gave all ‘ohana that attended conferences the directions to log on. So far, we have 7 out of 17 signed up. Please sign up and get connected:)

Chapel on Wednesday: Chapel is Wednesday, please have your keiki in special attire white.

Specials this Week: Monday; Music/Library, Thursday; Pe/ Hawaiian, Friday; Hawaiian/Music

Spelling List: (short e) 1. come, 2. made, 3. may, 4. part, 5. web, 6. legs, 7. less, 8. shell, 9. neck, 10. rest

Aloha Wear this Friday

Week of March 11 – 15

Kumu Wilson off Island: I will be off island attending a math workshop. I will be gone from Monday 3/11- Thursday 3/14. I will be back in school on Friday, 3/15.

Student-Led Conferences: Mahalo to everyone that attended conferences last week. It’s always wonderful to talk about your keiki and share their progress. Mahalo nui for the continued support. I do have a few ‘ohana to meet, I will coordinate your meetings once I return.

Sidewalk Chalk Art: This Wednesday is our annual Sidewalk Chalk Art event. Please be ready with the following: Attire: Long jeans and ‘Ōiwi Edge T-shirt, or regular uniform shirt.  Make sure all keiki have art shirts. Students school wide will be working on their piece from 12:30-1:30 pm. Our theme for this year is; Aloha ‘Āina, love for the land and it’s people!

High School Hō’ike: On Friday, we will get the opportunity to go to the high school to watch their hō’ike, The Battle of Kuamo’o. It’ll be AWESOME!

Specials this Week: Mon.: Hawaiian/Music, Tues.: Hawaiian/PE, Wed.: PE, Thurs.: Hawaiian/Art, Fri.:Science.