Week of Nov. 26 – Nov. 30

Kupuna Project: I am hoping that everyone was able to complete interviews of the Thanksgiving weekend. I am looking forward to viewing the student’s interviews and having them share with their classmates. I am looking forward to the amazing stories our keiki will document in their kupuna story. If you need another opportunity to conduct interview with your keiki, please let me know and we can arrange another time for iPads to go home.  Mahalo everyone for the support.

Kumuola: Our class is scheduled to visit Kumuola next week, Dec. 5. Again, please make sure they come in clothes that can get wet, extra change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag, tabis/reef shoes (optional). Students may wear slippers for this huaka’i.

Christmas Concert: Please mark your calendar, our Christmas Concert is scheduled for next week Friday at 6pm.

Spelling List for this Week: 1. their, 2. if, 3. will, 4. up, 5. cut, 6. nut, 7. hut, 8. shut, 9. gut, 10. strut.

Specials This Week: Mon.: Music/Library, Tues.: PE/ Hawaiian, Thurs.: Hawaiian/Music,     Fri.: Hawaiian/PE

**Aloha Wear Day this Friday.

Week of Nov. 19 – 21

Student-Led Conferences: Mahalo nui to all ‘Ohana for attending conferences last week. It was truly a blessing to meet with each of you to discuss the amazing progress of your keiki, you all should be proud! As discussed, please continue to have your keiki read daily, this is one of the most important recommendations I can make. Please support your keiki to choose their “Just Right” book. The rule is that if they are unable to read more than 5 words on the first page, it is to hard, choose another book. If they are able to read every word on the first page, then it is way to easy, choose another book. If they are unable to read 1-2 words on the first page, then that is a “Just Right” book. And also, please encourage your keiki to borrow books from school, we have a great lending library in the pod and they are also able to borrow books from in our class library.

Kūpuna Project: As mentioned, students will be bringing home iPads on Wednesday in order to interview a kupuna. Mahalo nui for all your kōkua to video your keiki conducting interview. Please review interview when done to insure that video is clear and that you are able to hear interview. Don’t forget to take a still picture off your keiki with their kupuna. If you want to do multiple interviews, please do. Students will be bringing home questions on index cards to use during interview.

‘Ohana Engagement: If you are able to attend our ‘Ohana Engagement Activity on Wednesday, don’t forget to rsvp.

Thanksgiving Wish: As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to express my aloha and gratitude to each of you for your continued support in papa 1 this year. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with your keiki, or future ‘ōiwi leaders. And I am blessed with amazing ‘ohana. Happy Thanksgiving and may you all have a wonderful long weekend with ‘ohana and loved one.

Homework: No homework this week other than reading. Back to normal schedule next week.


Week of Nov. 13 – 16

Progress Reports: Progress reports will be sent home today with your keiki. Please take time to review report with your keiki and I look forward to meeting with each of you at our scheduled student-led conferences this week.

Homework: Due to student-led conferences and huaka’i (tomorrow), keiki will have no spelling this week, just book log.

Huaka’i Kumuola: We will be going to Kumuola on Wednesday, 8/14. Like our last huaka’i, please have your keiki wear clothes that can get wet. Students can wear slippers and if they have tabis, please have them bring. Also, please pack an extra change of clothes in case your keiki get wet.



Week of Nov. 5-9

Makahiki Celebration: We are so excited! We have been invited to participate in the “Makahiki” events and activities being held at the high school this Wednesday. It will be an all day events, we will be heading to the high school in the morning. We will be given “Makahiki” shirts to wear for this event. If I get the shirts prior to Wed., I will send home, if not, I should have them on Wednesday to change into. Please have your keiki wear their school uniform shorts for this day.

Water Bottles: Mahalo to all ‘ohana who have been bringing in a plastic reusable water bottle for your keiki. Again, the main purpose for these water bottles is to use on huaka’i days. Please don’t confuse these water bottles that the keiki bring for daily use in class. Please continue to allow your keiki to bring water daily, many bring their water in hydro flasks and other types of water bottles. These go home daily. I will hold on to water bottles being brought in for huaka’i. Mahalo nui for your kōkua.

Ipads: Last week Thursday was the first time our keiki took home their iPads for IXL homework. I am so happy to say that all iPads did come back on Friday, Mahalo nui!!!! I did have many keiki mention not having internet connection at home. Please don’t worry if you are unable to connect to internet, IXL homework is not considered to be mandatory. It’s main purpose is to provide extra practice. I will survey ‘ohana at conferences to check who has connection or not.

Reflection on Trimester 1: As trimester 2 begins, we begin to dive deeper into new content and expectations. As I reflect through trimester 1 a big goal was to encourage independence within each keiki as learners and building stamina for working independently for a sustained amount of time. Our understand the idea of working independently with focus and they have gained a good understanding of working with “stamina”, may it be in reading, writing or math. Specifically in our content areas here were some of our goals:            Reading: Picking a “Just Right Book” independently. Reading fluently and continuing to identify and use strategies to read when approaching unknown words. For more fluent readers, their focus was to build reading stamina and work on reading comprehension. And identifying story sequence; Beginning, middle, and end.                                   Writing: Being aware of letter formation when writing. Using “MINTS” while writing in order to understand the rules of capitalization. Writing complete sentences with detail.  Writing narrative stories that have a beginning, middle, and end.                                                     Math: Understanding 10. Adding within 20. Working with 5 and 10 groups. Introduction to place values (ones and tens). Representing and solving problems that involve addition and subtraction.

No School on Monday: No school next week Monday as we observe Veteran’s Day.

Student-Led Conferences: Students-Led conferences are scheduled to happen on Nov. 15-16. Majority of our ‘ohana have signed up for a conference time. Reminders will be sent home to ‘ohana who have not yet signed up.

Pennies for Pauahi: We are collecting donations for “Pennies for Pauahi”. Please send in your donations with your keiki. Pennies for Pauahi will benefit the Pauahi Foundation that supports many scholarships for our native Hawaiian keiki.

Homework Folder: Please check your keiki’s homework folder daily. Important school announcements are sent home via homework folder. I am finding a collection of papers in many students folders, some important for ‘ohana to review.

‘Ohana Survey: Mahalo to all ‘ohana who have completed and turned in the ‘ohana survey I sent home last week. If you have used the QR code and completed the survey online, Mahalo!!!

Spelling List: (List now includes 10 words (sight words/word families) 1)which, 2) she,         3) do, 4) how, 5) sock, 6) rock, 7) block, 8) clock, 9) knock, 10) lock

Specials: Monday: Science, Tuesday: Music/Library, Thursday: PE/Hawaiian, Friday: Hawaiian/Music