Week of Dec. 17 – 19

Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Today was the deadline to turn your keiki’s secret Santa gift exchange. If you haven’t yet, tomorrow would be the absolute last day. $5.00 minimal. If you have a son, by a gift for a boy. If you have a daughter, buy a gift for a girl.

 Founder’s Day on Wednesday: Please refer to last week’s blog and announcement I sent home last week regarding Founder’s Day. Don’t forget to join us back at the K-1 pod as our keiki share the gift of mele for you all. *Don’t forget, school ends at 11:15 am on Wednesday. 

Back to School: Keiki will return to school on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou: With much aloha, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Please enjoy this special time with your keiki and your ‘ohana. I am ever so grateful to celebrate this season of aloha with each of you! Ke aloha nui and see you all next year!!!!

Week of Dec. 10 – Dec. 14

Huaka’i on Thurday (12-13-18): We will be sharing the gift of mele at Hawai’i Adult Care this Thursday. We will be leaving campus at 8:30 am and will return to school by 10:30 am. Please have your keiki come to school in regular school uniform.

Christmas Gift Exchange: In the spirit of giving, we will be having a gift exchange at school. We are asking that each keiki bring a small gift to share that is homemade or that costs less than $5.00. If you have a son, you will bring a gift for another boy. If you have a daughter, you will bring a gift for another girl. Please write either, “boy” or “girl” on the gift tag. Please bring gifts by Monday, December 17. We will do the exchange on Founder’s Day, the 19th.

Founder’s Day: Founder’s Day will be on Wednesday, 9:00 am. Please make sure your keiki is mākaukau with the following:

-Dress Whites

-No hairdress for girls, ONLY hair colored rubber bands

-No earrings

-Boys, neatly brush/comb hair

-Appropriate Shoes

*In celebration of Christmas, please join us following our Founder’s Day program at our pod. Our keiki will share their gift of mele with you, our ‘ohana. Upon return to class, we will give our keiki a short recess and snack before our “mini” Christmas ‘Ohana Concert. (approx. 10:30 am)

**School ends at 11:15 am. Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!!

Specials This Week: Monday: Hawaiian/Music, Tuesday: Hawaiian/PE, Thursday: Hawaiian/Art, Friday: Science

Spelling List: 1. then, 2. them, 3. these, 4. those, 5. sun, 6. run, 7. fun, 8. bun, 9. nun,       10. spun

Week of Dec. 3 – 7

Kumuola: Our class is scheduled to visit Kumuola this Wednesday, Dec. 5. Again, please make sure they come in clothes that can get wet, extra change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag, tabis/reef shoes (optional). Students may wear slippers for this huaka’i. If your keiki hasn’t brought in a water bottle for huaka’i purposes, please do so.


  • Students are to dress in RED/WHITE/GREEN/BLUE OR PINK COLORS
  • At least 75% of attire MUST meet the colors
  • Student will either be dressed in uniform OR Christmas spirit colors
  • Colored socks ok
  • Headwear & hats ok
  • Footwear: same rules as Aloha wear day (PE students must bring their athletic shoes & socks)
  • NO Vulgar/inappropriate messages/words on clothing
  • Casual, Daytime clothing
  • Wristband/necklace ok

Christmas Concert: Friday is our annual Christmas Concert, “He Ali’i Ho’i Hā” (Who Would Imagine a King). The attire for papa 1 is, “Sunday Best”. Concert is scheduled to start at 6:00. Please drop your keiki off at our class at 5:30 pm. Any questions, please refer to the announcement sent home last week or please let me know.

Huaka’i Himeni: Next week Thursday, Dec. 13. We will be sharing the gift of mele at Hawaii Island Adult Care. We will be leaving  campus at 8:30 am and returning to school before lunch.

Spelling List: 1) other, 2) about, 3) out, 4) many, 5) bug, 6) hug, 7) rug, 8) mug,                     9) plug, 10) slug