Week of Aug. 27-31

Hurricane Lane: It is my hopes that everyone was safe during and after the effects of Hurricane Lane. I am glad that we were all able to be with our ‘Ohana during this time. Ke akua pū me kākou!

Daily 5: In the past few weeks, I have been introducing classroom routines and structures for reading and writing.  The classroom structure I use is called “Daily Five”. The Daily Five is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually.  The 5 Tasks include:

  • Read to Self
  • Work on Writing
  • Read to Someone
  • Listen to Reading
  • Word Work

Our keiki have been working at “Read to Self”, where they learn to build their stamina as they read independently. As a class, we will work on reading strategies that will improve reading fluency and comprehension. And a big goal in Daily 5 is to build a love for reading! Over the next few weeks, I will share info. about the other 4 tasks in Daily 5.

Reading Assessments: With the closure of school, I am awaiting confirmation on a make up date to finish reading assessments with our papa 1.

No School: No school this Friday due to school in-service and no school on Monday, Labor Day.

Kilo (observation): In our papa 1, we are learning to become observers of our natural environment. Keiki are learning to “kilo” as we reflect upon using our traditional knowledge to observe in order to notice changes, see patterns, make predications, as well as question things happening around us.

Week of Aug. 20-24

Aloha e ka ‘Ohana 1B. Yay, our class blog is finally up and running. This is where I will be posting weekly updates, so please make every effort read every week. I will make every attempt to have the blog updated at the beginning of the school week and I will email everyone with a direct link to the blog. 

‘Ohana Breakfast: Mahalo nui to all ‘ohana who joined us for the beginning of the year ‘Ohana Breakfast. It was wonderful to meet and enjoy some time with each of you. I look forward to an exciting year ahead! Mahalo to Leiana Reyes for organizing the breakfast with parent announcements, reminders, and sign up. And Mahalo to everyone for the ‘ono mea’ai and helping to set up as well as clean up. I am so thankful and appreciative.😊

Reading Assessments: I will be conducting individual reading assessments this Tuesday and Thursday. We will have a sub to mālama our class while I work with each keiki independently.

Homework: Keiki will be coming home with spelling homework as follows: Monday-Write the spelling word 3 times each, Tuesday-Write a sentence using each new spelling word, Wednesday-Write the spelling words in alphabetical order, Thursday-Study spelling words, Friday-Spelling Test. Here is this weeks spelling list focusing on sight words and -ap family words; 1) than, 2) it, 3) he, 4) was, 5) map, 6) cap, 7) nap, 8) tap

Book Log: Reading daily will improve reading fluency and comprehension of our keiki. Keiki will be coming home daily with a book, please make every effort to have your keiki read their book selection to you and support them if they need kōkua. In class, we have been working on how to select “just right” books, the easiest rule is that if they are unable to read 5 words on the first page, then it’s not a just right book for them. If they can read every word or only miss maybe 1-2 words, then it’s to easy. When reading is done, please help your Meiji complete the book log in their planner. Have your keiki complete the date and title then please initial. Mahalo for the kōkua and support.

Open House this Friday, I look forward to see everyone.