Week of Sept. 24-28

PTO Book Fair: Next week, PTO, will be hosting our annual book fair. Our class will be visiting the book fair on Monday, Oct. 1. Order forms will be coming home, please check your keiki’s folder. The schedule will also be attached for those interested on visiting.

Huaka’i: We had a busy week last week with two huaka’i. We visited Kumuola on Wednesday and Kamehameha Statue, the Naha Stone and Coconut Island on Friday. We are very thankful to Auntie Lilinoe Young for joining us at Coconut Island to share her stories about being raised on Coconut Island. Mahalo nui to our chaperones that  joined us on Friday, without your kōkua, it would not be possible. Mahalo nui e Wes Kobayashi (Jaydie’s dad), Joey Ragocos (Aizynn’s dad), Keala Keli’iho’omalu (Kamakani’s mom), Mindy Yagin (‘Aleki’s mom) and Shannon-Dee Schutz (Zoey’s dad). **Does your ‘Ohana have any kupuna who would love to share their mo’olelo with our keiki, let me know:)

Math: We continue to work with 10’s and 20’s. We focus on using 5 and 10 structures to compose and decompose numbers. Having keiki know that 5 and 10 are important landmark numbers will help them develop an understanding of place value.

Reading: Students are working on various skills to improve reading fluency and comprehension. Students are put into reading groups and strategies are selected according to their reading level needs. When you read with your keiki, start toning in to their personal strengths and weaknesses. For students that may still be sounding out many of their words, we practice the strategy of looking for words that “repeat”, meaning that at their level, the text will often repeat words and the words will be seen throughout the story, they are also encouraged to use the illustration to support their reading. As keiki develop, we want them to move out of “robot” reading and really focus on fluency; blending sounds and chunking sounds when reading. For those keiki that are really fluent readers, comprehension is their goal, working on making sense of the text and story.

Spelling list: 1) by, 2) words, 3) but, 4) not, 5) sick, 6) kick, 7) brick, 8) stick

Specials this Week: Monday: Science, Tuesday: Music/Library, Wed.: Hawaiian, Thurs.: PE/Hawaiian, Fri.: Hawaiian/Music

This Friday is Aloha Wear Day!




Week of Sept. 17 – 21

Huaka’i this Week: We have rescheduled our first huaka’t to Kumuola. We will be going to Kumuola this Wednesday. This will be the first of our monthly visits to Kumuola. On Friday, we will be visiting the Kamehameha Statue, the Naha stone (at the Hilo Public Library), and Coconut Island. We will need chaperones for Friday’s huaka’i. Mahalo to those that will be able to join us. All chaperones will join us on the bus, chaperones will need to bring their own home lunch. School will be preparing lunch for our keiki. Please have your Meiji wear their “E Ola Nō” t-shirt or blue school polo along with school uniform shorts for both huaka’i.

Language Arts: We are focusing on the rules for capitalization. When writing, please encourage your keiki to remember the rules and use the rules for capitalization.

Kupuna Pictures: If you haven’t yet turned in kupuna pictures, please turn in when possible. We appreciate your support in this school wide activity.

Spelling List for this week: 1) from, 2) or, 3) one, 4) had, 5) pin, 6) thin, 7) spin, 8) skin

Specials: Monday: PE/Hawaiian, Tuesday: Hawaiian/Music, Thursday: Hawaiian/PE

Week of Sept. 10 – 14

Raz Kids: Please check your keiki’s folder tonight, you will find your child’s log in info for Raz Kids. Any questions, please let me know.

Huaka’i this Wednesday: Wednesday is our first huaka’i of the year. We will be visiting the Kumuola Science Resource Center in Keaukaha. This will be a site that we will visit monthly. We will not need any chaperones for this first huaka’i, but we will invite ‘Ohana to join us on the following trips. If your Meiji still has their “E Ola Nō” t-shirt from last year, they may wear it for the huaka’i, if not wear a blue KS polo along with uniform shorts. *Please be advised that there may be a chance that this huaka’i will be canceled due to weather conditions as hurricane/tropical storm Olivia approaches. 

Huaka’ Next Week: We have also planned a second huaka’i for Friday, Sept. 21. Please watch for chaperone request coming from your PTO rep. We are planning to visit the Kamehameha Statue, the Naha stone at the Hilo Public Library and Coconut Island. At Coconut Island, Auntie Lilinoe Young will join us, she will be sharing mo’olelo with our keiki about her childhood and being raise on the island.

Spelling List: 1) at, 2) be, 3) this, 4) have, 5) big, 6) pig, 7) dig, 8) wig

Specials this Week: Monday; Hawaiian/PE, Tuesday: Art, Wed.; Hawaiian, Thursday: Science, Friday: Music/ Library.


Week of Sept. 4 – 7

Open House: Mahalo to all ‘Ohana for attending our Wehena Kula (Open House), I appreciate everyone making our rescheduled event. For those who didn’t have an opportunity to join us, I will send home handouts that was shared with ‘ohana.

Raz Kids and Epic: I have created accounts for our keiki for Raz Kids and Epic. I am sure that you are all familiar with these awesome reading sites from last year. I will be sending home login information so that your keiki will have access to these reading resources at home.

Prodigy: Prodigy is a math resource for our keiki to practice math skills. Login information will be coming home once I am sure that are keiki can independently navigate through this app. It is a new math app for me, so we will be learning together. Many of you are use to IXL, we have not yet set up accounts for our keiki, I do want to explore Prodigy first before considering IXL.

Math: Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing number awareness up to 20 with the keiki. We have also been learning a variety of math games that will be choices for keiki to engage in during independent work time. One goal we are working on is to subitize. We are trying to encourage our keiki to move from trying to count each item and instead use their natural ability to perceive/see small amounts (such as 2, 3, or 4) as units and use them. In this way keiki are supported to count on, skip-count, use doubles, and make use of the five-structure. For example, the picture of shoes below is structured so that you may skip count by twos (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2), or use doubles (5 + 5) as a way to understand that the picture represents 10.

Spelling List for this Week: 1) with, 2) his, 3) they, 4) pit, 5) sit, 6) hit, 7) bit, 8) fit

Specials: Tuesday: Music/Library, Wed: Art, Thurs: PE/Hawn, Fri: Hawn/PE

**Chapel this Wednesday, please have your keiki in their special attire whites.