Science Gr 6

Kamehameha Elementary School
Grade 6 Papa ‘Epekema
Mrs. Malu Kamanu


What is science? This was the first question I posed to the haumāna at the start of the school year.  “Discovery”, “Experiments”, “Nature”, “Mystery”, and  “STEM”, were some of answers I received.  Yes to all of the above and more! This year we will be conducting a plethora of investigations covering the various branches of science (see content below).  In addition, we will strive to make connections to our ‘Ike kūpuna (ancestral knowledge) and to the honua (world). We will journey in our E Ola! Learner Outcomes of Growth Mindset, Academic Competence, Problem Solving, and Innovation and Creativity.


Science is taught in two semesters in 6th grade.  Grades are given at the end of each semester.  Haumāna come to science class once every 6 day cycle, which translates to them receiving approximately 10 instructional days per sememster.  Therefore, it is essential that students come in to see me if they have been absent.


This year, the haumāna will get a taste of the various branches of science, including Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth/Space Sciences, and Core Ideas in Technology and Applications of Science.  I will be using the Next Generation Science Standards, The Full Option Science System (FOSS) curriculum, and Kamehameha Schools curriculum, particularly focusing on planning and carrying out investigations AND analyzing and interpreting data. First Semester:

  • Physical Sciences: Students investigate the essential question:  What are mixtures and solutions, and how can we separate them? Students become aware of measurements when making their mixtures and solutions, learn techniques of filtration and evaporation, and discover saturation point for their solutions. In additions they compare and contrast various salts after evaporation has taken place.
  • Life Sciences: Students investigate the essential question: What biological “movement” processes take place to support life? Students investigate first hand how osmosis works and measure and compare their results to other classmates’ findings.  They focus on cell parts and functions.

Science lab is open each day at recess or afterschool.  If you have any questions or concerns, I may be reached at

Mahalo, Malu Kamalu

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