Art Gr 5

Kamehameha Kapālama Elementary Art Program: Grade 5 

Ilihia O. “Royal Quilt”

Vision: Students will be able to solve problems using critical and creative thinking through innovation. They will be able to express themselves and communicate ideas visually, through observing, applying, creating, collaborating, and reflecting on their work and that of others. Students will know and appreciate the role and importance of art in the world, past, present, and future, and be able to make connections with their Hawaiian culture.


Aloha and welcome to the new school year. It is a great privilege and honor to have the opportunity to teach your child at Kamehameha Elementary School (KES).

This year your child will continue learning and developing art skills and techniques to express their voice through compositions that reflect their thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. Students will be engaged in the creative process as they work on their assignments and projects. They will also document and reflect on their artwork in a working ePortfolio.

Students will be self-assessing their assignments based on visual and or written criteria and rubrics to help inform their next steps in the creative process. Formative assessments from both student and teacher will inform instruction to best provide for your child’s individual needs.

K-6 Visual Arts Vision Statement:
Students are able to express ideas, emotions, and unique experiences through the visual arts. They understand the role and importance of art in both Western and Hawaiian cultures, and make connections among other indigenous cultural art forms.

The curriculum  reflects the National Core Art Standards

The Schedule:
Fifth graders attend art once a cycle for 85 minutes.

Students will be graded on their individual progress, which includes performance assessments (assignments and projects), written tests, and work habits.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at


Mrs. Wendy Larrow