Music Gr 5


Kamehameha Elementary School
5th Grade Music
Teacher: Mrs. Lynell Bright


Vision: Haumāna exiting Kamehameha Elementary School will learn and value music through various unique experiences. Rooted in their Hawaiian identity, students will see how they are connected to the world through music.

Welcome to 5th Grade Music! Here, students will be in choir class for one day in the cycle and will continue their study on M.I.E. on the other day.

In choir class, studets will learn many songs that are part of the standard Kamehameha repertoire.  They will also venture into singing songs with simple two or three part “Ua Mau”, “Queen’s Prayer”, “Sons Of Hawai‘i”, “Doxology” and “Hoʻāla Hou E Kamehameha”, to name a few.  They will also be learning songs that tie in with 5th grade social studies curriculum such as “Fifth Nifty United States”, “Rap of the Presidents”, “Wakko’s America”, as well as their fifth grade play songs.

keyboardMusic In Education (M.I.E.)
On the second cycle day, students will continue with their study in the M.I.E. program. This music program is a comprehensive technology assisted music program. Each child has his/her own keyboard which is hooked up to a computer. Through this program, the students learn music theory, music history, singing, creativity and composing. All of this is assessed in quizzes done on his/her keyboard. Through their continuation of the M.I.E., they will learn about:  legato and staccato, grand staff, eighth note and rest, duple meter, C major tonality, half note and rest, harmonic intervals, G major tonality, meter/time signature, and harmonic intervals: Fifth.

Mahalo, Lynell Bright,