P.E. Gr 5

Kamehameha Elementary School
5th Grade Physical Education
Teacher: Ms. L. Tagami McDonald

Vision: Students who exit KES Physical Education and Olakino classes will have the skills, fitness, and attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Basic Concepts
One of the basic concepts covered in 5th Grade Physical Education is the components of physical fitness. The five components of fitness are explained and a fitness test is given for each fitness component. The five fitness components are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. The fitness tests are mile run, pull up or modified pull -up test, curl-up test, sit and reach test, and the skin fold test. The students are encouraged to work towards improving their fitness level and work towards or remain in the healthy zone.

Students will be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being fit does not only required physical exercise but also eating healthy. The students will be encouraged to eat healthy and especially to eat a good breakfast.

The concept of workout will be explained and encouraged in P.E. class.   The importance of a warm up, stretch, exercise workout and a proper cool down will be stressed.

Students will be given the names of muscles and asked to identify some of the muscles commonly used in exercise.

Basic Skills
The Kamehameha Elementary School Physical Education program is an exposure program. The students are given an exposure to basic physical skills through drills, practices, lead up games, games, and various catching skills, eye hand coordination skills, basic motor skills, Hawaiian games, gymnastic skills, rhythm and dance, jump rope skills, swimming and water safety skills, cooperative skills and fitness improvement. 

Student Responsibility
The student is expected to work towards or remain in the healthy zone for fitness. Students are expected to improve on their fitness score. The students are responsible for making up P.E. test if absent and/or medical within a week of returning to health. If student misses a certain amount of P.E. classes arrangement need to be made to make up. Each student is expected to cooperate with all students and instructors, have a good attitude, work hard in a group or independently and have the basic skills in all activities.  Students should have appropriate gym shoes.  Girls with long hair, please tie or braid hair before P.E. class.

Physical Education Attire
Fourth, fifth and sixth graders are required to wear P.E. shirts and shorts for P.E. classes. Students names need to be on the front upper left hand side of their shirt and on the inside of the waist band of the shorts.

P.E. Special Activities
There are many P.E. Special Activities available for students to join before school (7:15 am – 7:40 am) and during 1st and 2nd recess. The activities are listed below:

    • Jump Rope Demonstration Team
      Students work on various jump rope stills to music and may be asked to perform at other schools and various functions.
    • Gymnastic Club
      Student work on basic tumbling and apparatus skills.
    • Peg Board Club
      The Peg Board Club works on upper body strength by working on the Board. The students are given the opportunity to work on a high school level peg board if they mastered our elementary peg board.
    • Jogging Club
      Students work on their cardiovascular endurance every Tuesday and Thursday before school. They may earn a jogging field trip.

 ⊕ Extra Practices
This is a time given to all students interested in practicing the skill or skills taught in the P.E. class. This extra practice gives the student an opportunity to improve.

 ⊕ Make Up – P.E. Class
This is the time given to student who need to make up P.E. classes missed due to absences or medical reasons.

 ⊕ Contest/Record Breaking
This is a time when students interested in officially breaking a personal record, grade level record or school record may practice or test.


Students are graded on:
1. Participation
2. Effort – Behavior – Attitude
3. Skills/Fitness Test

5th Grade Physical Education
Teacher: Ms. L. Tagami McDonald