Orchestra Gr 6

KES Sixth Grade Orchestra
Mr. Elton Masaki and Mrs. Winnie Lam


Orchestra classes (violin, viola, cello and bass) are offered as an option for all KES sixth grade students.  The classes last 40 minutes and are taught twice each 6-day cycle.  In the past most of the students have been beginners, but now that after-school orchestra classes for fourth and fifth grade students have been offered for several years at KES, the number of sixth grade orchestra students with prior experiences is increasing.  Nonetheless the sixth grade class is taught in such a way that beginner in strings will be able to fit in, despite the inclusion of material that is on a more advanced level.

Students begin by learning how to hold the instrument and produce an acceptable sound while playing simple tunes, but they quickly advance to more sophisticated music.  By the end of the first semester the students will be ready to perform in public for Christmas Concert.  Students are also exposed to rudiments of music theory, history and appreciation.

The KES Orchestra students will have the opportunity to perform and socialize with the other orchestra students at KS from grades four through 12, and in particular it has become traditional for the KES and KMS students to participate with the high school students in a Halloween camp and concert at the end of October.

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Winnie Lam, wilam@ksbe.edu

Elton Masaki, elmasaki@ksbe.edu