Technology, Grade 3

Technology Vision

The technology vision for Kamehameha Elementary Schools is to empower our haumāna with technology competencies, fostering innovative life-long learners who utilize Hawaiian perspectives and practices to enhance the well-being of Hawaiians in a dynamic global community.

We are blessed to have a 1:1 iPad program for our K-3 students. Digital-citizen-poster-253wewrStudents use this mobile device throughout the day at homeroom and specialist classes. As a positive digital citizen, children learn to navigate the internet searching and using electronic resources, applying basic computer skills such as keyboarding and word processing, publishing ebooks, and recording voices for narration and creating videos.

Technology Curriculum and Schedule

Technology is integrated with the library and homeroom curriculum. Students in Papa ʻEkolu receive one (live) lesson per week during distance learning via Zoom.  The transfer goal for third grade is “using their learning to utilize various sources and technology tools to enhance knowledge.”  The following traits are used to measure the transfer goal.

• Inquiry Process What steps do I use to answer a question or solve a problem?

• Various Sources What resource(s) can I use to get information?

• Technology Tools What tool(s) can I use to create and/or communicate my information?

• Accuracy of Content How accurate is the information I shared in relation to my inquiry question?

Please use online resources at our HMC website, click here. If this is your first time using the HMC website, you will need to login using your school’s email address. Also, if you need help with username and password for the resources, please contact your teacher or Mrs. Redona (

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