P.E. grade 4

Kamehameha Elementary School
4th Grade Physical Education
Teacher: Ms. Brianna Bean

Vision: Students who exit KES Physical Education and Olakino classes will have the skills, fitness, and attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Basic Concepts
Papa Mākau Kino and Papa Mākau Ola are an integral part of each child’s holistic development.  Both classes are aligned to develop physically literate and health-conscious students. Guided through movement experiences, cognitive concepts, and real-world application opportunities, students improve their health with the intent to establish the understanding that health is important both individually and collectively. The goal of Papa Mākau Kino and Papa Mākau Ola is to instill within students the attitude, skills, and concepts, which will allow them to live a life of wellness.

Basic Skills
The Kamehameha Elementary School Physical Education program is an exposure program. The students are given an exposure to basic physical skills through drills, practices, lead up games, games, and various catching skills, eye-hand coordination skills, basic motor skills, Hawaiian games, jump rope skills, swimming and water safety skills, cooperative skills, and fitness improvement.


Good health-related physical fitness is built over time. The students will be learning and practicing fitness concepts that will help maintain and/or improve the student’s fitness level. Students in 4th grade will continue to improve their fitness with Fitnessgram fitness testing and setting goals to improve.


Emphasis is on health of the whole child and the 6 components of health: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and cultural health. Students will learn the importance of being healthy in all domains and learn skills that will enable them to make healthy decisions.

Physical Education Attire
Beginning in 4th grade and continuing through 5th and 6th, students are required to wear P.E. shirts and shorts for P.E. classes. Students’ names need to be on the front upper left-hand side of their shirt and on the inside of the waistband of the shorts.

P.E. Special Activities

  • Jump Rope Demonstration Team (7:10-7:40am, 1st and 2nd recess)
    Students work on various jump rope stills to music and may be asked to perform at other schools and various functions.
  • Jogging Club (7:00-7:30am)
    Students work on their cardiovascular endurance every Tuesday and Thursday before school. With enough days attended, they may earn a jogging field trip!

Important Dates

February 2020: Kids Heart Challenge Event

Click here to take a look at our past Jump Rope for Heart event! Video by Mrs. Kutsunai!

September 9 – November 4, 2019: 4th-grade swimming

Brianna Bean, PE Specialist, grades 3-4

email: brbean@ksbe.edu