Communicating and Reporting Student Progress

At Kamehameha Elementary, our students are offered unique instruction in subject areas beyond their regular classroom experiences.  Specialists teach these classes.  We develop and coordinate our programs in art, Christian Education, ʻŌlelo a Moʻomeheu, music, PE and health, science and technology with information literacy.  We work with hundreds of students across the grade levels and have ongoing classes and special activities and projects throughout the academic year.  As part of developing quality programs to meet the needs of your child, we Specialist communicate about your child’s learning in various ways.

Classroom teachers and Specialist teachers share comments and observations about your child’s progress during the year.  Counselors frequently contact us for special observations and may request additional information about children with special needs.

We may communicate directly with you regarding your child’s progress and work in our classes.  We may call you or have your child call you about specific situations during our classes.  A special subject communication note may be sent home to share significant information with you.  A sample is included for your reference.  Please note the parent signature line.  When your child brings home this note, we would appreciate you reviewing it with your child and signing the bottom.  Your child needs to return it to the appropriate specialist teacher; your signature at the bottom will let us know you have been informed.  We share these notes with the classroom teacher.

Grades for the special subject areas of art, ʻŌlelo a Moʻomeheu, music, PE and science are given at the end of each semester’s classes.  You will receive report cards in January and at the end of the year.  Evaluation of student progress is based upon a continuum of learning.  Each successful student may pass through each of these stages as they learn more and more about a new subject area.

Learners will be rated:

Emerging when they are beginning to build skills and concepts as they practice with teacher guidance and assistance to complete activities.

Progressing when they can use skills more independently and sustain their own learning activities.

Consistently Demonstrating when they show quality effort and work in a variety of
settings.  This work reflects an independent grasp of key concepts and skills and may
include applying these ideas to new situations.

In reviewing your child’s progress, please feel free to contact any special teacher.  You will find our phone numbers and email addresses in our contact section.  You may also contact the elementary office and leave a message for any of us.  We appreciate your interest and patience and will respond to you as soon as we can during our teaching days.

We are also glad to hear from you!  Please keep us informed about special information about your child.  If your child will be missing school for reasons beyond regular absences, KES uses a Student Leave Request Form.  There is a sample included here for your reference.  Our classes emphasize student participation; we may need to arrange a special time to work with your child before or afterschool so that she/he can keep up with the work missed.  Planning ahead helps us all move forward through the year.   Imua!  Hiki no!