Kamehameha Kapālama Elementary Art Program: PAPA 4 HANA NOʻEAU

Papa 4 classroom curriculum spirals around many aspects of Hawaiian life: useful Hawaiian plants, tools, heroes and material culture. Our Papa 4 art curriculum will develop art skills, techniques, and processes through projects which complement many of these ideas, always emphasizing the idea of Kūlia, to strive for our personal best in our creative work and in all we do.


The curriculum reflects the National Core Art Standards. Please click here to download the PDF document of the National Core Art Standards.

E Ola! In Action

  • Visual Arts Transfer Goal A – Craftsmanship/Design Process/Intended Communication
  • Visual Arts Transfer Goal B – Describe/Analyze/Interpret/Evaluate
  • Kūpono
  • Kūlia
  • Mālama & Kuleana
  • Growth Mindset

Manaʻō Nui & Essential Questions: I am an artist!                               

  • How do artists work? 
  • What conditions, attitudes, and behaviors support creativity and innovative thinking? 
  • What responsibilities come with the freedom to create? 

Units of Study:                      

  • Kiʻi Meakanu: Botanical Illustration Using native Hawaiian plants as subject matter, haumāna will build foundational skills in realistic drawing through exploring multiple drawing skills and techniques.
  • Kāpala: Moʻolelo ʻAno After learning about the kūpuna art process of decorating kapa with ʻohe kāpala, haumāna create contemporary 3-D printed kāpala to replicate the process of representing an idea in geometric shapes, then utilize a repeated stamping technique to create different areas of positive and negative space patterns on their Hoʻolokahi T-shirts.
  • He Alo Influenced by the famous Kamehameha Statue, the original which we visit in Kohala on huakaʻi,haumāna learn the basics of clay manipulation and sculpture building, developing, and glazing through creating a 3-d portrait of someone who has had a positive influence on them.
  • Textures in Hawaiian Life Students explore the actual textures of the main Hawaiian culture materials: feather, wood, bone, stone & fiber, then build skills in mixing specific colors and developing simulated texture with acrylic paints.

The Schedule:

Fourth graders attend art once a cycle for 90 minutes.


Students will be graded on their individual progress, which includes performance assessments (assignments and projects), reflections and work habits.

Click on the paint pallet above to visit our Art Studio website for grade 4.
Kamehameha Kapālama Elementary Art Program: PAPA 4 HANA NOʻEAU



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