Music, grade 4

Kamehameha Elementary School
4th Grade Music
Teacher: Mrs. Lynell Bright


Vision: Haumāna exiting Kamehameha Elementary School will learn and value music through various unique experiences. Rooted in their Hawaiian identity, students will see how they are connected to the world through music.

Welcome to 4th Grade Music! Here, students will be in choir class for one day in the cycle and will study the ‘Ukulele or M.I.E. on the other day.

In choir class, students will learn many songs that are part of the standard Kamehameha repertoire.  They will also venture into singing songs with simple two or three-part harmony such as, “Doxology”, “We Make A Rainbow”, “Sesame Street Song”, “Queen’s Prayer”, “Sons Of Hawai‘i” and “Ua Mau”, to name a few.

4th Grade students will spend the first semester studying the ‘Ukulele.  They will learn the basics of the ‘ukulele – such as strumming, picking and playing various songs. They will learn the following chords: C, F, G7, C7, A, E7, F7, Bb and D7. They will also learn the following songs on the ‘ukulele: “Rock A My Soul” (key of F), “The More We Get Together”, “Nā Hala o Naue”, “Nā Inoa o nā Kamehameha”, “Rock-a-my-Soul” (key of C), “The Happy Wanderer”, “‘Ekolu Mea Nui”, “Wipe Out”, “The Island Medley”, “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”, and “I Mua”.

Music In Education (M.I.E.)
During the second semester, they will start the M.I.E. program on the days they used to have ‘ukulele. This music program is a comprehensive technology-assisted music program. Each child has his/her own keyboard which is hooked up to a computer. Through this program, the students learn music theory, music history, singing, creativity and composing. All of this is assessed in quizzes done on his/her keyboard. Through the M.I.E., they will learn about: steady beat, registers/clusters, Up, Down, and Same, tempo, quarter note and rest, ostinato, music alphabet, and steps & skips, call and response, and legato & staccato.

Mahalo, Lynell Bright