Christian Education, Grade Four


Students will independently use their learning to demonstrate their understanding of Biblical truths.

The 4th Grade Christian Education curriculum is a study of the names and character of God. In the Bible and in our Hawaiian culture, a person’s name is very important. One way to get to know God better is to learn the meanings of His names. In the Old Testament, some of the Hebrew names are:  Strong Tower, Creator, God of Truth, Unchanging One, God Almighty, The Lord Who Provides, the God Who Sees, The Lord Who Heals, etc. Our study then moves on to the New Testament where we will answer the question, who is Jesus? The haumāna will also learn about one of the first Hawaiian Christians, Henry Opukaha‘ia, who was very influential in bringing the Christian message to the Hawaiian Islands.

On our Christian Education blog,, the haumāna can read the Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. They can also listen to songs that we sing in class and at Chapel. On their laptops, they can read and interact with the various Bible stories.

Every Friday we have 4th-6th grade Bible Club. It begins at 7:05 and ends at 7:35. All are invited to attend. Keiki are allowed to eat their breakfast in our room and participate in the fellowship and the fun. This year we are learning and growing in our relationship with God through Bible games, videos, and other fun community building activities.

Prayer is an essential part of our curriculum. At the beginning of every class, we pray out loud for one another. God graciously answers our prayers. If you have prayer requests, please email us at or or call us at 842-8208.

This year our spiritual theme is “Ike piha ʻia a Aloha piha ʻia” – Fully Known, and Fully Loved. God’s Aloha pauʻole – His never-ending love – is woven through all that we do in Christian Education.

Me ke aloha ‘o Iesū,

Kahu Ann Young & Mrs. Crystal Nakamaejo,