Healthy Foods: Past and Present

Kaʻu district may have been the first point of contact for the early Hawaiians in their journey from the south. We know that they brought plants with them so to sustain themselves. It is also believed that some returned home to gather and bring back other plants that they desired for food, shelter, tools and medicine. These were known as the canoe plants.
This week the keiki have painted an ocean background for the canoe they colored. Next week they will add the plants to their collage.
Aunty Mari, Uncle Jesse and Lacie joined us to help make a present day healthy food: granola bars. They involved the children in measuring and mixing, as well as identifying the parts of the recipe. By the end of the day we had compared some of the canoe plants to our recipe ingredients. Surprisingly, some were the same- such as coconut and dried fruit.
Mahalo for the kokua!

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