Uncle Kelly and ‘ōhana share about Ka‘u!

Both first grade classes enjoyed a visit from the Galimba ‘ohana as they came in to share about the district of Ka‘u. Uncle Kelly- Kristaʻs dad- and her two cousins, Mahealani and Melia, shared stories and pictures of the land and animals that are native to this district. Did you know that Ka‘u is our islandʻs largest district? Or that there was a port, Honuapu, that exported the sugar processed there until a tidal wave wiped it out back in 1946. Another interesting story that was shared was about the different ethnic groups that lived in the plantation camps and how they would share their lunches, integrating the different types of food. Is that where our local plate lunches began?
Mahalo nui loa Galimba ‘Ohana for taking an interest in sharing your mana‘o with our classes!

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