This week at school….8/13-17

Writing for information has been one topic of focus this week. Because it is one of our writing benchmarks, we will assess the students on this skill three times during the school year and work throughout on a better understanding of how to attain the benchmark.
In first grade our informational writing pieces will include three parts: * a clear introduction that states the topic
* the body- what the topic looks like, what it does and what it is about. In this section we might include the kuleana and wā pa‘ani of the topic.
* an ending- why it is interesting or important to the writer.
As a class we wrote the following piece together:

Today is Kayanaʻs birthday! She is six years old. Kayana has brown eyes, brown hair, wears a school uniform and usually has her hair in two long pigtails. Kayana is a sweet and nice girl. Her kuleana is to be an awesome first grader!
For wā paʻani, Kayana like to hula hoop, jump rope, play Under-Dog with Krista and play with her cousins. She also loves Hello Kitty things. She even got a Hello Kitty pencil box for her birthday!
The keiki of 1B feel happy about Kayana and are excited that she is a part of our class! Happy Birthday Kayana!

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