Huaka’i to PKP, Safeway, Police Station, and Civil Defense

What a wonderful day we had! The children completed a scavenger hunt in the mall looking for places such as the social security office and Game Stop. At Safeway, we visited the bakery, sampled poke, watched meat get wrapped, and tasted freshly made sushi. So ono! When we arrived at the police station, Officer Menino and Officer Grouns took us on the grand tour. The children heard the loud police siren, saw the SWAT vehicle, “Bear Cat,” and looked at their classmates through a two-way mirror. Aunty Aimee even took us on a tour of the 911-dispatch center. At the Civil Defense Center, we learned how they help our community and help to keep us safe. We saw ourselves on their video conferencing television screen as well as a satellite image of our school. We learned that we should have at least 3 days worth of food/water and a first aid kit in case of an emergency. Who knew learning about the mall, Safeway, police station, and civil defense could be so interesting and so much fun?!

-Miss Antida

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