Pilina and Informational Writing

Mahalo to Aunty Isha and Alisha for sharing a story about Hanukkah!  Our class has been busy this week writing for information.  Our writing rubric for this benchmark lists meeting (PR) and exceeding (CD) samples as follows:

I am on topic.  My information shows what I learned.  My ideas are clear and stick to the topic.  I have an introduction and I tell why it was interesting or important to me.

Here’s what the class wrote as a group after learning from Aunty Isha and Alisha:

Having two ways to celebrate holidays is so much fun!  Alisha and Aunty Isha taught us about Hanukkah and Christmas.  Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.  They play games with a dreidel.  Kai told us it is like a top.  They have nine candles they light to celebrate the miracle of the oil and light.  Now we know more about holiday celebrations.

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