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The traditional hālau wa’a was a longhouse, a covered structure near the shoreline dedicated to all matters related to canoes, and whose linear measure could provide ample shelter for vessels of sizeable length. 

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Voyaging Safety Training

Select a video from below to see how crew members train to stay safe on their voyage.

Voyaging safety training: cold water exposure can pose various challenges and risks to the human body. Proper cold water trainings and preparations are important to ensure safe voyages.

Voyaging safety training: acting quickly can save lives, especially when a crew member goes overboard! Learn how voyagers handle emergency situations when sailing.

Voyaging safety training: staying safe on the waters means learning how to use safety equipment properly. Learn how voyagers use safety harnesses while sailing.

Voyaging safety training: life vest training is vitally important when sailing. Learn the basics of how to use this safety equipment.

Voyaging safety training: learn how to safely handle flares.

Voyaging safety training

Voyaging safety training: fires can happen even on the ocean. Learn how to safely handle rogue fires.

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Lesson Plan / Grades 3 – 6 / Math

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