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Moananuiākea, the vast Pacific universe, was first explored and settled by our kūpuna, our ancestors, who were among the greatest navigators on earth. 

Holomoana is dedicated to the perpetuation of their voyaging legacy. As we learn about the rising and setting of stars, the currents of wind and wave, the stories of past voyages, and the basic skills required of all crew members, we are reminded of the reasons we sail: to serve the needs of the community, bring honor to all who have sailed before us, and prepare the way for those who will follow in our wake.

Ala Kai (Sea Road)

If we see the ocean as a connector instead of a barrier, then we might imagine a waʻa kaulua, a double-hulled voyaging canoe, sailing great distances as if it was traveling on a major highway between two cities. Ocean currents create on-ramps and off-ramps, and both natural and supernatural signs affirm location, as well as forecast weather conditions and estimate times of arrival.  For the Hawaiian people, our major highway or sea road – ala kai – is called Kealaikahiki. It is a heritage corridor that connects Hawaiʻi and our regional homeland Kahiki (the general vicinity of Tahiti).

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