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Meet and Learn from Legendary Wayfinders and a New Generation of Voyagers.


Mana’o are thoughts, feelings, reflections, and impressions-things that provide meaning.  Mo‘omana‘o is a continuous log book of voyaging experiences by a range of senior and novice voyagers whose real life accounts serve to inform, motivate and inspire.

Crew Reflections

A log book of voyaging experiences from various crew members, 

some of whom have sailed since 1975 to others who have just started sailing.

Nainoa Thompson

Nainoa Thompson

Nainoa Thompson is the president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and a Pwo navigator. Inspired by his kūpuna, his teachers, he has dedicated his life to exploring the deep meaning of voyaging.

Eddie Aikau

Eddie Aikau​

The life of Eddie Aikau is the incredible story of the ultimate waterman. The surfer, lifeguard, family man, friend, traveler, musician, and hero inspired future generations of wave riders, all around the planet.

1976 Hōkūleʻa Crew

On May 1, 1976, Hōkūleʻa left Hawai’i on a voyage to Tahiti, to retrace this traditional migratory route. 

Thirty-three days after she left Maui, Hōkūleʻa entered Pape’ete Harbor in Tahiti.