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The traditional hālau wa’a was a longhouse, a covered structure near the shoreline dedicated to all matters related to canoes, and whose linear measure could provide ample shelter for vessels of sizeable length. 

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Knot Tutorial

Learn the basic knots for sailing and wayfinding! View the video, grab a rope and practice tying these knots.

This knot is ideal for keeping the end of a rope from running out of tackle or pulley.

This knot is used at sea in reefing and furling sails. It is used in first aid to tie off a bandage or a sling because the knot lies flat.

This knot doesn’t jam or slip when tied properly. It can be tied around a person’s waist and used to lift him, because the loop will not tighten under load.

This knot is the “general utility” hitch for when you need a quick, simple method of fastening a rope around a post, spar or stake.

Learn how crew members train to stay safe on their voyage.

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