Our Latest Huaka‘i: Taro Patch and Zoo

We had a fun learning day outdoors today, hearing and being active with poi and zoo animals.  Uncle Howard welcomed us to his farm in Panaewa.  He prepared cooked taro for us to taste, huli to plane and harvested taro to clean and pound.  So interesting and interactive!

At the zoo we had many makua there to help guide us around as we took in information on a student selected animal and saw the many other animals there as well.   We made it to lunch time with not too much rain, then returned to school to reflect, unwind and play.  Enjoy the pictures!

IMG_4304 IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4308 IMG_4310 IMG_4313 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4322 IMG_4323 IMG_4324 IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4329 IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4342 IMG_4343

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