Kindergarten Informational Writing

The following is a group effort to write informationally about what we learned about apples. Our goal is to write our ideas clearly, staying focused to the topic. Our information should show what was learned and be introduced and close with why we chose to write about it.

Learning About Apples
Our class is learning about apples.
Hope: Apples are good.
Aaliyah: Blossoms turn into apples on the tree.
Kainalu: Johnny Appleseed planted apples.
Anaken: Apples are picked in a bushel.
‘Auli’i: I love apples. Apple sauce. I love juice. I love apple candy.
Caden: Cider is juice of apple.
Keiran: Apples are healthy. More apples live in China.They used to be blossoms.
Kamaka: Apples are mostly made of water and apples can make juice.
Cassidy: I know apples are healthy.
Ethan: Apples come from a farm. Apples start from flowers. There’s a lot of apples in China. You can make apple sauce. You can make apple juice. You can make apple pie. You can make apple smiles.
‘Alohilani: I love apple juice and apple sauce and apple treats.
Kealohi: I like apples. You pick them in a bushel.
Zaen: Apples are healthy because they have water.
Brayden: Animals that take nector from flowers deliver them to other flowers.
Sophia: Bees pollinate apples to make them grow.
Jaidon: I like apples. I want apples. I really like apples. I even like candy apples.
Maci: Apples grow in China. Johnny Appleseed traveled all over the world.
Kanoa: I give apple gifts. Do you want an apple gift? Yes.
Layla: Apples are grown from blossoms.
Johnnie May: Apples are healthy.
So now our class had fun learning so many interesting facts about apples!

We will add this story to our iPads later and the students will have the opportunity to draw an illustration as well.

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