Aqua, Water, Ua, Eau!

Whatever way you say it, water is so very vital! This morning we related to water due to our Puna districtʻs meaning- spring of water. The following in a description written by the keiki of 1B of our experience with water today.

Do you like water? Water is good for our bodies. Water helps us survive. Water can be in many places.
Today we had an experiment about water. We put dirty water through a filtration to try to make the water clean. We used coffee filters, rocks, sand and cotton balls to filtrate or clean our dirty water. It kind of worked.
We learned that our land naturally filtrates our rain water, but it takes a long time. CLean water can be found in aquifers deep under ground.
Did you know that Puna means spring of water and Puna has an aquifer?
We love water!

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