A Counting On Game

In math we have been learning how to count on from a given number. This strategy will help the keiki later as they learn to add and subtract. They will learn to see the missing sum from a given number to another quantity, particularly as they relate to 5 and 10.
Here’s an example: count on from 2 to 5. As your child sees 2 as the beginning sum, they will focus more on what amount is between 2 and 5. Thus we count on and see 3 as the missing amount.
In today’s game we used calcualtors. We punched in our initial amount as found in a card we flipped over. We input that number into the calculator, pressed + 1. Then we rolled a dice to see how much to count on. We pressed = that many times to discover # and # makes #. This game will be continued using numbers less than 5 to make 5 and numbers less than 10 to make 10.

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