Making Applesauce!

Making applesauce turned into almost a full day activity for KA! We began our morning talking about halves and quarters, then passed out 20 Fuji apples and began our cooking journey. Here are the steps we noted as we cooked the sauce:
1. Learn about halves and quarters.
2. Cut the apples in haves and quarters.
3. Rinse the apples.
4. Put them in the slow cooker.
5. Smoosh the cooked apples in the food mill.
6. Put in some butter, sugar and cinnamon.
7. Mix it and enjoy!
All of us enjoyed our class-made treat. A common comment from the keiki was that it tasted more like apple pie….yum!

Our activity included writing for information- the keiki were inspired to write about what they did because it was a real experience!

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