Off to the Opera!

Kindergarten, first and third graders enjoyed an outing to the opera, The Legend of Rusalka at UH Hilo. The story of the little mermaid is based on this opera! What a treat to hear beautiful voices sing a tale that we are all familiar with and experience the cultural performance of opera!
Here’s what some of the keiki said upon reflecting:
Tehani: “I saw that Jezebaba became nice.”
Liwai: “In the story Jezebaba is an octopus witch.”
Lansyn: “In the story, Rusalka became a person.”
Isabella: “Everybody sang at the opera.”
Skye: “Rusalka lost her voice because she gave it to Jezebaba.”
Mahalo to Mrs. Debus for her part in getting us out to the opera!

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