Making A Healthy Snack

On Thursday the kindergarteners in KA made a snack called “bagel faces”. We had a discussion about people and food. Our discussion questions were:
* what do people need?
* what is special about people?
* what can we say about people and food?
The following are some of the responses:
Dara: “God wants us to eat vegetables so we can get strong.”
Chayden: ” It’s good for them so they can get strong and healthy.”
Damien: “Food makes you strong.”
Skye: “You can give food to people who need food.”
Bella: “Because it helps keep you strong and loving- it helps your heart.”
This discussion helped us connect what we knew and think about to the activity of making our snack. Please enjoy our pictures and group writing!
Making Bagel Faces
Get a bagel for the head.
Get a tomato for the nose.
Get two olives for the eyes.
Get three cucumber slices for the ears and mouth.
Get sprouts for the hair.
Spread cream cheese to make it all stick.
Then you make it.
Then Mrs. Littrell takes a picture of it.
Then we eat and enjoy!

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