Story Response Ideas

Some days I do read-alouds to the students to work on story comprehension and vocabulary skills. One activity that we love is called “Stop- and- Draw.” I break a story up into parts where we can stop to discuss the different words or ideas within the book. The keiki have a worksheet that is divided into four parts. Some of the ideas we explore are as follows:
*What do you know about this topic- ie: beach
*What would you see/ hear in a place like this?
*What does this word mean? How does the story help us know it?
*What do you think would happen next?
The students can draw and/or write about the different responses. Enjoy the following work samples of a stop-and-draw activity of the story Scaredy Squirrel At The Beach- by Melanie Watt.

(The picture of the kids lying down is when they were re-inacting Scaredy Squirrel playing dead!)

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