Pono Story Response

Mutt and the Lifeguards
by Steve Patrick

Response written by Dylan, Hayden, Kaulana and Sean 

Natasha was a little blind girl and she helped save her mom’s life. Natasha, her mom and Mutt, her guide dog were on vacation at a beach house.  One day her mom was bringing a bone and a drink for them when she stepped and fell into a puka in the wooden deck.  Her legs were cut, bleeding and stuck in the deck.  Natasha grabbed her pillow case and wrapped it around her mom’s legs.  Her mom told her to go to the lifeguard station at Shelly Bay to get help.  Natasha and Mutt found the lifeguards and told them what happened to her mom.  They took a rescue boat and when they reached the beach house there was a helicopter too. The lifeguard Alan pulled out her mom and it took a long time.  At the end they had to take the mom to the hospital.

It was interesting to us because we never heard a story about a blind girl and her guide dog.  We liked this story and you should read it too.  If you go to a vacation house, make sure the house is sturdy and safe.

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