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Kamehameha Go!

Have you been wondering what’s happening with Kamehameha Go! now that we have liftoff?  We’ve been a very observant “school of FISH! watching excitedly & documenting what we witness!  The reactions and responses have been so positive! Some of our Kula … Continue reading

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Math Inquiry with Charmander

The5B FISH! welcomed Charmander into our classroom!  This time the students worked on making Charmander bookmarks, heʻll be used to mark our math textbook pages while we do math!  He also allowed the students to begin initial inquiry into…fractions, percentages, … Continue reading

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Close Reading with High Interest Text: CCSS and Pokemon Go!

The students were hard at work “diving” into the Pokemon Go! text in class…high interest, real-world connections, & a whole lot of learning.  This assignment addressed the RI.5.2 (Reading-Informational text) to determine the main ideas of the text & explaining … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go! Morphs into Kamehameha Go!

The Pokemon Go! craze has hit the 5B FISH!  Hard!  The students and I decided to “dive in” the latest worldwide craze of Pokemon Go!  and invite it into our classroom, but with a twist, of course!  Students shared their … Continue reading

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