Kamehameha Go!

Have you been wondering what’s happening with Kamehameha Go! now that we have liftoff?  We’ve been a very observant “school of FISH! watching excitedly & documenting what we witness!  The reactions and responses have been so positive! Some of our Kula Ha’aha’a students have been asking for more! Some have been visiting our class at recess and after school to ask if there are more Pokemon lurking around to learn more.

Using our 'olelo noe'au to guide our thinking and learning in class

Using our ‘olelo noe’au to guide our thinking and learning in class

This is a win+win situation!  The 5B FISH! get to hone their reading, writing, research, and techie skills and keiki who scan our QR codes get to learn all about our campus & all things connected to our Kula.  Some QR even allow students to practice mele and oli that we are all learning at morning piko too!

Our focus: What is OUR kuleana as Papa 'Elima haumåna?

Our focus: What is OUR kuleana as Papa ‘Elima haumåna?

Whoohoo!  Exciting!  The 5B FISH! would like to send a mahalo nui to all the Kumu who are taking their classes out to “hunt down” Pokemon in the wild…well, not really the wild, our campus…but “wild” sounds so cool huh?

Onipa'a Kåkou! Being stedfast...TOGETHER! One team, One Heart!

Onipa’a Kåkou! Being steadfast…TOGETHER! One team, One Heart!

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without Uncle Jason!  He’s been in our class from the onset!  He’s shared his expertise on the game (shh..he’s caught a few of those Pokemon), part of the concept planning (shh…since I’m not a Pokemon master), asked thinking questions during revisions on research, been there to troubleshoot app crashing and app smashing, and even joined us for the launch to get those cute creatures up around campus!  He’s always here to køkua in a flash and one call for help away!  We’ve even joked with him that we’d set a desk up for him in our class to save him the 1/4 mile walk from his office!  Mahalo Uncle Jason for all that you do for the 5B FISH! and for all the keiki of Kula Ha’aha’a!  You Make Our Day and you get your exercise in as a bonus!   Priceless!

Uncle Jason ready to launch Kamehameha Go! with the 5B FISH!

Uncle Jason ready to launch Kamehameha Go! with the 5B FISH!

Stay tuned for more Kamehameha Go! updates…The FISH! are “swimming” around school documenting learning!  We’ll be brainstorming more Imua stops soon!

John's Creation

John’s Creation

This photo was created by John. Look closely as I have Pokemon friends!  In the midst of preparing for our launch, he walked up & asked me to smile, snapped a pic on his ipad and walked away…hmm? Proof/evidence that student exploration and honing techie skills happens even when it is not an assignment!  John demontrating how he could  take it to the next level without me saying a word!  All on his own!  Allowing students to show that they are pono w/ipads, they take kuleana seriously, & allowing them to follow their passion brings great learning opportunities…FOR THE TEACHER!

A call to Ka’u I’a:  Heads up!  This will be an assignment on Mon., Oct. 3!  Begin pondering this now 🙂

Please reflect on the learning and all the ‘olelo noe’au in this post.  Post a comment to share your mana’o on the learning process of Kamehameha Go! and share connections you make to our many different discussions in class.  Here are some examples that you could connect to ex.) Growth mindset, Kuleana, reading strategies, techie things, etc…But, feel free to make any connection you make to class.  As a bonus, you might even want to add an outside of class connection :). Please revise and EDIT writing prior to submitting 🙂 Happy posting!  Happy Weekend!

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