Ohana Alert for the Week of Nov. 4-8

Aloha e nå Ohana 5B! Been having tech issues regarding blog…it seems to be working now, so taking advantage & doing next week’s update now! Be on the lookout today (Friday, Nov. 1st) for Student Conference Confirmation Sheets. Your child has it in backpack! 🙂 Here’s the week at a glance:

Mon., Nov. 4-Day 4: COMPLETED Fire Safety Guide due in class today, with Ohana Signature. Mrs. Lee gave it out awhile ago and it was written in planners for the whole last week to remind students and inform ohana of its upcoming deadline! 🙂

Tues., Nov. 5-Day 5: Pilina Ohana Luncheons begin every Tuesday for Papa’Elima. This week students who’s #s are 1-6 are enjoying lunch with ohana today 🙂

**NOTE: If a day is missing…it is business as usual, learning and laughter!:)


Mon., Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day-NO SCHOOL!

Tues., Nov. 12: Pilina Ohana Luncheon-This week students who’s #s are 7-12 are enjoying lunch with ohana today:)

Wed., Nov. 13: Students have a make up music class today.

Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 14 & 15: STUDENT CONFERENCES – It is a regular school day for students. All 5B conferences will be held in our classroom in 30 min. intervals. Our schedule is jammed pack and I look forward to seeing all of you 🙂 .

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Yes, Genre Gold Grows!

Happy to Ho’omau! Perseverance pays off!

Yippee! More smiles to go around! More students make their genre target on the last day! Our final tally…18 students have met their 9 genre target this trimester, that’s 75% of the class! 2 more students were super close and are strategizing how they will “guarantee” make it for trimester #2! That would take the percentage to 83%! Collectively as a team, the 5B FISH! Have read a total of 288 books this trimester! Wow!

We have once again proven that our 9 genre goal CAN BE MET! As we ho’omau into trimester #2, we look forward to continuing to support and lift ALL our team members to reach our target! So proud to share that EVERY TEAM MEMBER did not give up! Each continue to work hard with a wonderful positive mindset! One student has already met the YEAR-END target of reading one million words and one more is just 3 books short of that goal. Mahalo Ohana 5B for all your continued support as we strive to thrive-TOGETHER! We believe! :).

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Ohana Alert for the Week of Oct. 21-25

Time with our Big Brothers & Sisters! We Walk for Pauahi!

The 5B FISH! Had a wonderful time meeting and hanging out with their big brothers & sisters from middle and high school as they built pilina with each other and “Walked for Pauahi.”

Here’s the scoops for the week, get your calendars ready…

Mon., Oct. 21-Day 3: Book Presentations due today…Remember, chapter books of 120+ pgs. & vocab must accompany the first 7 genre presentations! For genres 8 & 9, no vocab needed :). Papa ‘Elima will be having guest speakers from the Junior Judges Program today.

Tues., Oct. 22-Day 4: Huaka’i today, please see flyer for specific details.

Wed., Oct. 23: Extended Collaboration Day…Schedule a bit different today.

Thurs., Oct. 24-Day 5: 1st Trimester ends…

Fri., Oct. 25: NO SCHOOL for students…Teacher Work Day.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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Yes! More Genre Gold Members…The FISH! Are Swimming Strong!

More FISH! Swim Strong to meet Genre Goal!

The smiles are PRICELESS! The “hiki no” attitude is alive and well in class! More students are hitting target of 9 genres in trimester #1! As we have been encouraging each other as a team, the students again cheered on our newest Gold Members! They continue to share their mana’o with each other…this time a student shared, “ I didn’t like reading, it was all on me and my book selection. I realize now that I choose the books I read and I am proud that I make better choices as I love reading now!” Another student shared how we all believe in each other and so I continue to believe in myself! #OTOD Some students are already at 12 genres and still going strong! I believe, You believe, Ohana believes…We all believe together!

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Huaka’i Correction :0

Aloha e nå Ohana 5B

OhOh! E kala mai! Wanted to update you asap on the correct huaka’i date! Papa ‘Elima will be going on huaka’i on TUESDAY, Oct. 22nd to Laehala. All other information on flyer correct. Mahalo to ohana for catching our booboo! So appreciate our teamwork! Have a wonderful night!

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More Genre Gold Club Members!

Smiles all around! Hard work paying off!

Here comes more members…the Genre Gold Club is growing daily! Our team cheered as more haumåna hit their genre goal today! As you can see by the smiles, hard work is paying off! Our team had discussions and strategized what we will continue to do today as our deadline grows closer. The common theme…HO’OMAU! To persevere and continue to “swim strong!” As I met with every FISH! today, each i’a had a wonderful mindset to “keep on swimming!” Go FISH! Go! #OTOD! We work hard together to uplift ALL!

Got Genres? New “Faves” found!

The mindset is shifting! This morning during morning meeting, I asked students, “how many of you have found a new favorite genre because of our team goal of 9 genres?” See the photo above for the answer! YES! When we put our positive mindset forward, we can do it! The students then excitedly shared the following…”I had a favorite genre and only wanted to read that, but because of our goal, I have a new favorite.” Another student said, “I only like fantasy, but I can like more than one now!” Another said, “ I know definitions of more genres now!” We also discussed how we continue to work hard with the support of our Ohana! Mahalo Ohana 5B for continuing all the positive feedback & comments and support to help our FISH! to “dive deep!” We couldn’t do it without your partnership! 🙂 Don’t forget tomorrow is ‘Øiwi t-shirt day! Have a great night ka’u i’a!

Mahalo Ohana 5B, your support means EVERYTHING!
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Genre GOLD!

Ho’omaika’i! The 5B FISH! are celebrating the reading successes of our team! At the beginning of the year, students were challenged to read 9 genres by the end of trimester #1! The haumåna pondered what that would mean? What would that entail? How would they strategize their time to meet this reading goal and how would they accomplish it together?

In class, we calculated the amount of reading time we had…30 mins of daily reading homework, 30 mins of in class reading. We calculated the speed at which we read in 30 mins as we are all different readers and set our personal goals. We discussed how we all have a favorite genre, but exploration is a “good thing” as we “dove deep” into trying new ones & stretching our mindset!

Well, the hard work, dedication, determination, and grit are now paying off as we get closer to the end of the trimester! Meet our first group of Genre Gold members-who have read 9 or more genres so far!

Ho’omaika’i to our Genre Gold Club charter members!

As the weeks went on, we have had numerous conversations in class where haumåna have shared book recommendations with each other, passed around great books, hunted for various genres together, strategized on personal book selections, & even shared successes of identifying new found “fave” genres. We shared how we needed to ho’omau…as we read commentary & encouragement from former 5B FISH! (Who are definitely living proof that it can be done!)

As a team, we have uplifted, supported, shared our progress with ohana & cheered each other on so we can ALL meet our goal of 9 genres this trimester! Remember, 7 chapter books of 120+pages of different genres and genres 8 & 9 can be, but not limited to quick reads like periodicals, graphic novels, picture books, etc… Students have the opportunity to choose what they enjoy for all. Mahalo to our Ohana 5B for partnering with us at home and for all your positive support to help our keiki thrive! E Hana püalu kåkou! Together, We CAN! To ka’u I’a…Continue to “SWIM STRONG! HIKI NO!”

Yay! We do 30 minutes of reading a night & we get to choose the books we read!
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Ohana Alert for the Week of Oct. 15-18

Aloha e nā Ohana 5B a me nā haumāna,

Yes! Tech issues seem to be resolved! Hoping that all of you had a wonderful time making great Ohana memories during Fall Break! Here’s the week at a glance:

Tues., Oct. 15-Day 6: Pennies for Pauahi Kickoff today…bring in your pennies to kōkua someone in need :). Spirit Week all this week, flyers were sent home with keiki prior to Fall break. It is RED DAY! Mr. Kudo will also be in class doing guidance with us during our morning meeting time!

Wed., Oct. 16: Ekalesia today…It’s Blue and White Day! Show your school pride by wearing our colors

Thurs., Oct. 17-Day 1: It’s Pink Out Day!

Fri., Oct. 18-Day 2: Ō’iwi Edge T-shirt Day! Our whole campus will be participating in Walk For Pauahi today.

*Just a friendly reminder that the last day to present books will be on Mon., Oct. 21st…Many of the haumāna are right on target to meet their 9 genre goal! Go team Go! Keep on Reading, Swim Strong!

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It’s F-U-N Friday!

We worked hard all week long, we began our Friday by infusing some F-U-N into our morning meeting! The haumāna learned how to play “Greedy Piggie.” There’s more to this fun game than meets the eye…the learning went deeper! Math, Team building, Communication, Empathy, & a whole lot of (Oinks) fun were part of our Friday! Wishing everyone a great weekend! Dive back on Sunday for the “scoops” on the upcoming week! A hui hou…

Do FISH! Oink?
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Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept.2-6

Aloha mai kākou Ohana 5B!

Swim Strong w/us!

This blog post will appear every Sunday to give you a glimpse of the week ahead for the 5B FISH! Checking our class blog will allow you to see what’s coming up, as well as the learning that we are doing in class! It allows you to “swim” along with us in class 🙂 *NOTE:If a date is missing, it’s learning as usual!

Mon., Sept. 2- Labor Day Holiday

Tues., Sept. 3-Day 6-Substitute in Class today. Christian Ed with Miss Shonnie

Wed., Sept. 4- Ekalesia today at Lunalilo Hale @8:00am. Please wear your dress white to class.

Ka’u I’a…My FISH!,

You are to continue to collect facts on Christopher Columbus and Capt. James Cook, as well as the indigenous perspectives of their arrival. Continue to READ…as we work towards our 9 genre goal for this trimester and our one million word goal for the year! IXL skill practice should be 80%.

Mahalo Ohana 5B for all your support as we partner together to help all our keiki to thrive!

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