More Genre Gold Club Members!

Smiles all around! Hard work paying off!

Here comes more members…the Genre Gold Club is growing daily! Our team cheered as more haumåna hit their genre goal today! As you can see by the smiles, hard work is paying off! Our team had discussions and strategized what we will continue to do today as our deadline grows closer. The common theme…HO’OMAU! To persevere and continue to “swim strong!” As I met with every FISH! today, each i’a had a wonderful mindset to “keep on swimming!” Go FISH! Go! #OTOD! We work hard together to uplift ALL!

Got Genres? New “Faves” found!

The mindset is shifting! This morning during morning meeting, I asked students, “how many of you have found a new favorite genre because of our team goal of 9 genres?” See the photo above for the answer! YES! When we put our positive mindset forward, we can do it! The students then excitedly shared the following…”I had a favorite genre and only wanted to read that, but because of our goal, I have a new favorite.” Another student said, “I only like fantasy, but I can like more than one now!” Another said, “ I know definitions of more genres now!” We also discussed how we continue to work hard with the support of our Ohana! Mahalo Ohana 5B for continuing all the positive feedback & comments and support to help our FISH! to “dive deep!” We couldn’t do it without your partnership! 🙂 Don’t forget tomorrow is ‘Øiwi t-shirt day! Have a great night ka’u i’a!

Mahalo Ohana 5B, your support means EVERYTHING!
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