Genre GOLD!

Ho’omaika’i! The 5B FISH! are celebrating the reading successes of our team! At the beginning of the year, students were challenged to read 9 genres by the end of trimester #1! The haumåna pondered what that would mean? What would that entail? How would they strategize their time to meet this reading goal and how would they accomplish it together?

In class, we calculated the amount of reading time we had…30 mins of daily reading homework, 30 mins of in class reading. We calculated the speed at which we read in 30 mins as we are all different readers and set our personal goals. We discussed how we all have a favorite genre, but exploration is a “good thing” as we “dove deep” into trying new ones & stretching our mindset!

Well, the hard work, dedication, determination, and grit are now paying off as we get closer to the end of the trimester! Meet our first group of Genre Gold members-who have read 9 or more genres so far!

Ho’omaika’i to our Genre Gold Club charter members!

As the weeks went on, we have had numerous conversations in class where haumåna have shared book recommendations with each other, passed around great books, hunted for various genres together, strategized on personal book selections, & even shared successes of identifying new found “fave” genres. We shared how we needed to ho’omau…as we read commentary & encouragement from former 5B FISH! (Who are definitely living proof that it can be done!)

As a team, we have uplifted, supported, shared our progress with ohana & cheered each other on so we can ALL meet our goal of 9 genres this trimester! Remember, 7 chapter books of 120+pages of different genres and genres 8 & 9 can be, but not limited to quick reads like periodicals, graphic novels, picture books, etc… Students have the opportunity to choose what they enjoy for all. Mahalo to our Ohana 5B for partnering with us at home and for all your positive support to help our keiki thrive! E Hana püalu kåkou! Together, We CAN! To ka’u I’a…Continue to “SWIM STRONG! HIKI NO!”

Yay! We do 30 minutes of reading a night & we get to choose the books we read!
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