“We Got Game, We Got Millionaires!!!”

The 5B FISH! Milliionaires!

“You gotta be kidding me?!?, Thatʻs a LOT of words!, How will I do that?, Sheʻs cray cray!” These were the thoughts running through many of the studentsʻ minds as way back in August it was announced that reading ONE MILLION words were a requirement!

Well…meet the newly minted 5B FISH! MILLIONAIRES!! Each of the above students have met the Year End One Million word goal…2nd trimester hasnʻt even ended. Go figure, MINDSET MATTERS!! Changing the mindset = Changing the trajectory! You can find your mark if you move!

These are some of the things they did to accomplish this year end goal EARLY…SUPER EARLY: Extended their reading time & pushing themselves…haha, a comment even was made that they read in the bath tub. (No not assigned, but by student choice).

Book selection was the key…pick one that you like & can make a personal connection or relate to, setting little goals by pages read may help, and donʻt judge a book by the number of pages it has-judge the story!! Reading the first chapter and the synopsis in the back is always helpful. It will help you to make a better judgement for yourself.

The haumāna share manaʻo & suggestions for every team member to become Mega rich Millionaires: 1) You need a POSITIVE MINDSET 2) Stay on task while reading-Be Hoʻo Nanalu (Putting Meta into action) and check yourself. 3)Look for a quiet spot for yourself-sometimes isolation is good. 4) Ohana that cheers you on. 5)The Key: Believe! To Achieve! To Succeed! Keep on Swimming kaʻu iʻa! It CAN BE DONE!

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Whoop! Whoop! Way to Go!

Priceless Smile! Job Well done!

Hoʻomaikaʻi to our newest Genre Gold member! As you can see, hard work, determination, & dedication sure pays off…smiles of accomplishment are PRICELESS! When a task that stretches you is issued (9 genres in a trimester) that is when you G-R-O-W the most! Another one of our 5B FISH! has reached new heights! Many more team members are reaching the peak soon! Kūlia i ka nuʻu…striving to reach the summit! Go Team Go! Keep on swimming strong and read! Proof it can be done! 🙂

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Yes! Go TEAM Go!

Richer by the Day! More Genre Gold Members are rich with words!

Hip hip hooray! Another one turns golden! Congrats to another FISH! Who swam right into the genre gold club. As the students “Get Meta to be Mo Bettah,” I hear conversation in class where students are sharing how at the beginning of the year, their attitude towards reading was poor, but now that it is not…meeting the genre goal is doable! They share how their mindset matters! Their mana’o nui: Ho’omau….to persevere much more beneficial than complaining!

Check out the number of books completed by our class so far! Trimester #2 is not even over yet and we have MILLIONAIRES!!! Stay tuned for their million dollar smiles coming soon!

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Ohana Update: The 5B FISH! E Nanalu~Get Meta

Aloha e nā Ohana 5B!

Here is the latest on what the 5B FISH! Are working on to “Get Meta!” Click on the video to hear students share how they are working on their metacognitive awareness in class and learn about some of the strategies that they are using. The FISH! Are learning to be alakaʻi by sharing their learning with others. This video was shared at a faculty meeting to offer strategies our team finds helpful that may be adopted in other classes too! Ask your keiki about their Meta growth! Mahalo for “swimming” along with us on our Meta journey!

E Nanalu…Getting Meta with the 5B FISH!


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Hoʻomaikaʻi to More of the FISH!…Swimming to Genre Gold!

The FISH! Keep on swimming! More of our team are meeting and exceeding the 9 genre reading goal for this trimester! This monthʻs focused value is Hoʻomau! To persevere! The FISH! Are doing just that as they continue to push themselves and prioritize their time to read. Our team goal is for everyone to meet the 9 genre reading goal. We hoʻomau together! Itʻs easy to give up on the hard things, BUT judging by the smiles, when you push yourself…it CAN BE DONE!

Friendly reminders of upcoming due dates:

Last day for book presentations~Mon., Feb. 10

Project Kahiau completion~Wed., Feb. 19 *Donʻt forget to take photos and videos as we will be working on final presentations and requirements in class.

Lamakū Persuasive Speech final ~ Wed., Feb. 12 *We are currently working on researching our self-selected topics to begin rough draft writing in class. Rubrics for writing already handed out to students and speech rubric will be shared in class on Tues., Jan. 28th.

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Knock, Knock!

Ike is Swimming Strong!

Woohoo! Ho’omaika’i Ike! More in the genre gold club as Ike has accomplished his 9 genre goal for Trimester #2 and continuing to read even more as the deadline is Mon., Feb. 10th. Knock Knock? Open the door to find more Genre Gold Group members…who continue to uplift each other to accomplish team goal…T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R! Køkua Kåkou!

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Trimester #2 Genre Gold Happening Now!

The FISH! Are swimming! Check out our team members who have already met their genre reading requirements for Trimester #2! Ho’omaika’i! The deadline is Mon, Feb. 10th. See the smiles for a job well done. It isn’t over yet…I can guarantee that they will exceed the target! We continue to uplift & encourage each other as our team goal is for 100% of us to meet the goal! Keep on reading ka’u i’a!

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Ohana Alert: Student Learning Conference Reflection

Aloha e Ohana 5B,

Mahalo for joining us for our trimester #1 Student Conferences! So wonderful to hear students share their progress, along with strength areas and areas that they will continue to work on! Great to hear students setting goals for themselves as learners, team members, & team leaders! Students offered much evidence of their growth in academics as well as their metacognitive awareness. The students were so proud to share their efforts with you & receive such positive support, as it was shared by many that their growth was also noticeable at home!

The students and I humbly ask that you return Ohana Reflection sheet which was sent home with keiki by Wed., Nov. 26. Student work were uploaded into digital progressfolio as hard copies may be needed for our future capstone project – Makawalu. iPads are loaded!

Again, we so appreciate the Ohana partnership to uplift and support to help all keiki thrive! Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike…In the journey, there is knowledge!

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5B FISH! Learn at Laehala

Click on our video to “swim” with us at Laehala…

Our huaka’i to Laehala was a fabulous journey of learning! We learned and participated in the process of weaving with lauhala. We began by observing the hala tree in its natural elements and how it grows and gather fallen leaves to start our journey of weaving.

The students were blessed to have a master weaver Anake Ulu (who is Kumu Melissa’s Mom) sharing her ‘ike every step of the way. The students learned to strip, clean, flatten, & roll the lauhala as weavers must do. This process needed dedication, determination, & much perseverance in order to weave. It also enables them to make the connection to our annual capstone project Makawalu, as it takes the same to prepare, plan, and present at the end of the year.

Mahalo Kumu Melissa for sharing her journey of learning weaving with us and for planning the best experience for everyone! Priceless! Let the wonderful learning continue…stay tuned for more!

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Ohana Alert for the Week of Nov. 11-15

Aloha e nå Ohana 5B!

Mahalo for your patience as we work out the tech issues of being able to post or not! Click on the video above to “dive” into our FISH!bowl during our Halloween Fun! Looking forward to welcoming all of you into our class as we share progress of Trimester #1 at Student Conference. Friendly reminder, all ipads should be fully charges and in school daily. 🙂 . Here’s the week at a glance:

Mon., Nov. 11-Veteran’s Day Holiday

Tues., Nov. 12-Day 2: We welcome 6 Ohana for our Pilina Luncheon today.

Wed., Nov. 13- Music Specials Make up. Ipads stay in class today

Thurs., Nov. 14 & Fri., Nov. 15- Student Conferences on both days. School in session for both days.

See you soon! Have a wonderful week making great Ohana memories!

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