Yes! More Genre Gold Members…The FISH! Are Swimming Strong!

More FISH! Swim Strong to meet Genre Goal!

The smiles are PRICELESS! The “hiki no” attitude is alive and well in class! More students are hitting target of 9 genres in trimester #1! As we have been encouraging each other as a team, the students again cheered on our newest Gold Members! They continue to share their mana’o with each other…this time a student shared, “ I didn’t like reading, it was all on me and my book selection. I realize now that I choose the books I read and I am proud that I make better choices as I love reading now!” Another student shared how we all believe in each other and so I continue to believe in myself! #OTOD Some students are already at 12 genres and still going strong! I believe, You believe, Ohana believes…We all believe together!

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