2018 Laptop Roll-In Check List & Information


HPK Kula Waena

Contact HPK Tech Coordinator:

  • John Nordblom
  • jonordbl@ksbe.edu
  • 808 982 0466

Where will Roll-In take place:

  • 8th grade foyer outside MPR

When will Roll-In take place:

  • 6th Grade 5/21/18
  • 8th Grade 5/21/18
  • 7th Grade 5/21/18

Laptops must be in working condition.  Please report to HPK if items have been lost or damaged before Roll-In.  A fee will be imposed for any damaged or lost items at the time of Roll-In.

Damaged accessories cost:

  • Laptop: $1200.00
  • Power brick: $70.00
  • AC Cable: $69.99
  • Bag: $50.00

Students must have all items list below:

  • Laptop open and running
  • Charger
  • AC Cable
  • Bag

Laptops will be inspected:

  • Screen damage
  • Missing keys
  • Charger Damage
  • Track pad issues
  • Remove all stickers on/under the protective case


Roll-In Process:

All students will gather outside MPR building 11 and empty their laptop bags into the trash.  Use your last name to find the laptop inspection table. Walk to the table with your laptop open and running.  Have all of your laptop accessories ready to be turned in.  You will sign the inspection sheet once items have been found to be complete.  If you have broken or lost items, you will be sent to HPK for payment arrangements.


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