2016-2017 Laptop Roll-out Check List

In order for your child to take home his/her school issued laptop and accessories, the following requirement(s) must be completed and submitted on July 15, 2016:

  1. Signed 1:1 Student/Parent Agreement Contract 
  2. Parent Internet Safety Training
  3. Parent Guidebook Training
  4. Student Internet Safety Training
  5. Student Guidebook Training

Tips for accessing the trainings

  • Check to see if your flash player is up to date by clicking here
  • Use Firefox if possible
  • Make sure your audio is turned on (some smartphones may require headphones

Parents may use the links above or click here to complete the Trainings.  Students may use the links above or click here to complete the trainings.  If you have any questions about the training, please call or email John Nordblom at 982-0466 or jonordbl@ksbe.edu.

If you have completed the trainings for a student attending Kamehameha Schools Hawaii, High School, you do not need to complete again.  Simply click here to complete a quick form for our records.

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