2019 – 2020 Global Protect Activation Steps

How Does Global Protect Work?  

Global Protect is software that runs on your laptop computer that protects you with the same security policies that protect our KS network.  This software provides filtering and safe search protection on campus as well as at home.  If Global Protect gets disconnected, web browsing will be disabled.

How to Enable Global Protect

GLOBAL PROTECT (STUDENTS ONLY) will auto launch at the first login with a Secure Token Authentication screen: All Users are to Click BYPASS

After clicking Bypass enter the server address:  gp.ksbe.edu.  Then enter your login credentials with your KS issued Username (hXXAABBBB) and newly created Password.  Then select Connect.  

Off-site – If global protect gets disconnected, web browsing will be disabled.  The below icon can be found on the menu bar next to the wifi symbol.  

Not Activated