Technology Guidelines

Electronic Communication with Students, Parents and Guardians

In order to promote KS’ goal of increasing sustainability through reduction in paperwork, KS will
communicate with students, parents and guardians electronically using one or more of the
following approved electronic tools via the KS Systems and Web-based Applications (collectively
“KS System”):
Daily Bulletin: The middle school daily bulletin is posted on our website and can be found at Students are expected to check the bulletin daily and delete the bulletins from their email accounts weekly.
Teacher’s email: Teacher’s email addresses can be found on the Middle School’s Web site at Click on the individual teacherʻs blog for contact information.
KS Connect: KS Connect ( is a web-based system used to monitor
student grades, track student progress, register for the upcoming school year, view school
announcements, access school information and facilitate communication between students,
teachers and parents. Once students are issued email accounts they will be given access to
KS Connect. Parents will receive information when their child enters Kamehameha Schools
Hawaiʻi Middle School either during orientation or in the mail.
Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Kula Waena Website: The school’s web site can be found at: The site features a wellspring of useful information including the student and parent handbook, summer mailout information, links to other resources, and faculty blogs.
We ask that those parents/legal guardians who do not have access to the electronic tools listed
above to contact their child(ren)’s grade level unit office so that the same information may be sent to them via U.S. mail.

KS assigns students at selected grade levels appropriate mobile devices (such as a laptop
computer or an iPad) and allows students the use of its internet, intranet and email systems to
support education-related communication and research. Students may access the systems
through the KS Network. The use of these KS owned mobile devices, the KS System and its
support facilities is a privilege and not a right, and students must abide by the guidelines
discussed below when using their issued devices on the KS System. Mobile devices are returned
at the end of the school year, unless KS has approved summer time use of the device. Upon
return, KS re-images its mobile devices for the new school year. KS will remove all non-approved apps, software and content (including music, photos, videos, etc.) from each device.
Inappropriate care and use will result in disciplinary action, as set forth in the disciplinary section of this Handbook. You may view a detailed version of the guidelines online at

KS expects students to practice good digital citizenship that includes assuming personal
responsibility for their assigned device. Each student has the kuleana or responsibility for caring
for their device as if it were their own. Students are responsible for knowing the whereabouts oftheir device at all times. Devices that are left unattended will be taken to the Vice Principal’s
office and a search conducted to determine its user identity. When using KS mobile devices,
please remember to observe the following practices:

● The mobile devices are the legal property of Kamehameha Schools. Student’s right of
possession and use is limited to and conditional upon his/her full and complete
compliance with the Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement.
● Use of KS devices and systems for personal use should be kept to a minimum. Students
should ask a teacher or computer lab resource person if they have questions or concerns
about use of their assigned device.
● Report any mechanical problems with your assigned device or software to a teacher or
computer lab resource person and they will work to resolve the problem.
● Take steps to backup school work data according to instructions set out by KS teachers.
● Students may not purchase online music, apps or software with their mobile devices
without prior approval to do so by their teacher.
● Only assigned school software may be used on KS devices.
● Use of KS devices for entertainment purposes such as playing interactive games or
watching YouTube, TV shows or DVD movies is not permitted.
● Conducting unauthorized commercial activity of any kind is prohibited.
● Do not connect unauthorized equipment to any KS system or alter KS equipment to
perform unauthorized activities.
● Removing software that has been installed by KS is prohibited.
● Students are permitted to use a variety of approved web tools on their devices for
educational purposes under teacher supervision. To view a list of these approved web
tools visit:
● If a new tool is added to this list, your child’s teacher will notify you via a letter.
● Store KS devices with care by using a proper case or tote bag to protect the device.
● Keep equipment surfaces clean by keeping them free of markings, ink or decorative
● Students must have their name on power supply cords, removable cards and carrying
● Students must keep food and liquids away from their device.
● Students must protect their devices and peripheral equipment from theft or loss.
● Maintain all identifier markings or stickers placed on the devices by KS support staff.
● Students are not allowed to have others use their device.
● Students should ensure that their device is fully charged every day.
● Students will sign a Student Mobile Device Agreement that sets forth requirements
involved with the program including specific equipment care and maintenance.
● If a device is damaged or is in need of repair, KS may elect to replace the device and
provide the student with a loaner. However, the use of a loaner device is not
● Parents assume all financial responsibility for any device or loaner in their child’s
possession that is damaged as a result of abuse, neglect, loss or theft. Families are
required to repair or replace the device or loaner at its current value, including
warranties and other related accessories.
● When making print copies from a KS device, students are required to:
o Follow all printing instructions.
o Print all assignments in black and white, unless given teacher approval to print in
● KS does not provide technical support for printing at home.
● Students should not clear their internet browser history on their device.
● Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds may only be used with teacher permission.
● Students who bring their own personal electronic mobile devices to school shall
assume all risk and liability for devices that are damaged, lost, or stolen.
o If a student’s use of these items interferes with the learning environment, the item
will be confiscated and returned to parents at the unit office.
o Chronic misuse of cell phones and mobile devices during school hours may lead
to disciplinary consequences as set forth in this Handbook.

When using the KS System you must observe the following practices:
● Properly manage your assigned KS student account within the KS system
● Students and parents are assigned a KS email account to receive and send official
communication through the KS Network.
● New students will be issued accounts within the first month of school. Returning students
will continue to use KS accounts already established.
● Limit the use of the KS system for educational purposes only.
● Do not use any school email account for non-school related activities.
● Always protect the privacy of your account by using only your assigned User ID and
keeping passwords private and confidential.
● Never give others your email account information or use or attempt to obtain user names
and passwords of other individuals under any circumstances.
● Actively organize and manage your account by checking KS email accounts daily,
respond in a timely manner and regularly delete old emails.
Do not use KS devices and/or email accounts to register and/or access social networks
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and abide by federal laws of sites that restricts use to individuals ages 13 years and older.
Do not use images relating to weapons, pornographic material, inappropriate language,
alcohol, drugs, gang-related symbols, sounds or pictures as part of your student account.
Do not use inappropriate media as wallpaper on their devices.
● Parents should check their email accounts at least every three days. Parents without email
addresses will receive like information via the U.S. Postal Service.
● Students are able to access their email from home via
● Students are responsible for saving, organizing and manipulating their files according to
teacher instructions.
KS reserves the right to conduct random periodic inspections to enforce the 1:1
expectations and guidelines as explained in this Handbook.
Be Civil and Courteous When Communicating via the KS System
Use appropriate language in all system communications and content creation. Do not useany KS system to transmit or receive obscene, threatening, offensive, sexually explicit, defamatory or harassing materials/communications, or other language that denigrates any individual or group, as well as do anything that is illegal or unethical.
● Do not “borrow” online material from other students or Web sites and try to pass them off
as your own. This is plagiarism, and it will not be tolerated within KS.
● Students should not receive promotional email, subscribe to automatic listservs, or send
chain letters.
● Never give out personal information online – including full name, telephone number,
address and social security number.
Steer clear of Internet sites that promote gambling, illegal drugs, alcohol consumption,
violence or socially harmful activities.
Do not visit chat rooms or other sites where people may misrepresent themselves and try to gain your confidence in order to do harm.
● Under no circumstances should you meet with someone you chatted with online without
first notifying your parents, counselors or teachers.
Do not share photos, lifestyle and other personal information on social media sites.
KS devices may not be used to update personal Web spaces unless it is done in
connection with KS educational activities.
● Do not respond to email messages from unknown senders unless the subject of the email
is related to KS educational activities.
● Do not participate in chain mail or other group mail activities where email addresses may
be passed on beyond your knowledge.
● Learn more about Web and email etiquette safety from your teacher and KS program
● Use the KS System in a Manner that Does Not Harm the KS Network
Do not alter KS system configurations used to provide KS firewall protections that protect users against viruses, malware and spyware threats.
● Be considerate when using shared computer resources. Do not keep informational
resources from others, impair access to systems for others or maliciously alter or delete
shared information.
● Respect online material created by others. Do not copy or distribute that material if it
appears to be copyrighted and never use the materials directly without properly citing
sources. If you have questions about copyrights or the proper citing of sources, ask a
Do not use the KS system to harm others, alter other people’s materials, or misrepresent your identity. Obey Copyright and Trademark Laws
● Students are expected to follow all KS copyright policies and procedures. For a complete
copy of these policies and procedures, please contact any KS staff.
● Do not transmit, transfer, upload or post content that is protected by U.S. copyright or
trademark law onto a KS device or the KS system without written permission of the
copyright/trademark owner and KS.
● Remember to properly cite and credit all research and information obtained from the
● Do not make unauthorized and/or inappropriate copies of text, photos, audio files or
videos found on KS devices or the KS system.
Do not copy or download licensed software programs to your device, or give or sell
copies of software to others without written permission of the copyright owner unless the original software is clearly identified as shareware or in the public domain.

● No confidentiality or privacy in Content
● All KS systems, including its email system, may be monitored by authorized school
officials from time to time for educational purposes, and therefore there is no guarantee
that the content provided over the system is in anyway deemed private or confidential.
System users may not claim copyright ownership rights over this content.
● No Warranty of Service or Accuracy/Integrity of Content of the KS System
● KS makes no warranty for the service that it is providing.
● KS is not responsible for the accuracy or integrity of content that system users obtain via
the KS System, especially if the information comes from open Internet sites or is provided
by individuals not formally representing KS positions. Users are urged to use the
information from the system at your own risk.
● KS assumes no liability for the actions of users of the KS System. This includes loss of data
due to delays, non-deliveries, misdeliveries or service interruptions.