Uploading Your .swf (flash) Files

New as of October 1, 2008 we can now add .swf (flash) files to our KS Blogs.

Share an Audio/Visual Presentation Online
This is so exciting, now you can take your PowerPoint presentations, slide notes, and narration and convert them into a fast loading .swf file that can be easily viewed online.  Take a look at Kelly Cua’s Presentation “Land Divisions in Hawaii” to see an example of how this can be used in education.

Share Quick Loading Movie Clips Online – No more waiting!
This is also a great solution for those bulky movie clips that you want to post online.  Converting your .avi and .mov files to .swf makes them well “swiff” (.swf).  You will need a movie editing software that will allow you to import .avi, .wmm, or .mov files and export them as a .swf. I’ll cover the conversion in more detail in another blog post.

See a sample at http://blogs.ksbe.edu/dakim/2008/10/01/swf/

1. First upload the swf file, then send to editor, then click on the “Code tab” to get the full URL to the swf file. The full URL will start with http://… and end with .swf – Copy the full URL you will need it in the next step.

swf Send to Editor

2. Click on  the silver “F” icon on the Visual text editor when writing a post
swf icon

3. Paste the full URL to the swf file into the pop-up dialog box:
swf details

4. Enter 400 for width, then 300 for height when prompted. You can play with these numbers to see what works best if you are unsure of the file size.

5. Publish your post and test.

Kukulu Kaiaulu 2.0 – Kamehameha’s Education Technology Conference 2008

Please plan to join us Monday, June 9 – Tuesday, June 10, 2008, for our Kükulu Kaiaulu (Building Global Communities) Education Technology Conference. This year’s conference will again feature internationally known and respected leaders in the field of education technology. This is a chance to hear speakers who have inspired educators around the world to effectively use technology as a tool for enhancing teaching and learning. By attending the conference you will gain a perspective on the impact of technology in education today, as well as participate in practical, hands-on activities that will prepare you to effectively integrate technology into your curriculum.
Registration will be taken on a first come first served basis and spaces are sure to fill up fast. The cost for the two day conference is as follows:

Non-KS Faculty and Staff: $100
KS Faculty and Staff: $50

More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.