computer.gifEducation Technology Services – Instructional Team
Mimi Wong, Education Technology Services – Instructional (manager)
Lynne Horiuchi, Instructional Technology Specialist (elementary school)
Nate Javellana, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (high school)
Melia Tauvela, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (high school)
Valerie Bland, Instructional Technology Specialist (Maui Campus)
Tim Freitas, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (high school)
Darrin Sato, Education Technology Services Manager
Alan Tamayose, Instructional Technology Specialist (middle school)

Our Commitment
ITS is committed to providing innovative and research-based instructional technology integration solutions and strategies to the Kamehameha learning community, particularly our administration, faculty and students, through collaborative professional development opportunities. In addition to supporting the Hawaii, Kapālama and Maui campuses, ITS is responsible for providing technology integration support to the Community Education Implementation Unit (CEI), which includes the Community-based Early Childhood Education (CBECE) division and its preschools throughout the state.

Our ability to service and communicate with a diverse learning community is greatly leveraged by the use of digital video and video conferencing technologies. Our goals and objectives are based on the premise that the positive impact of technology on teaching and learning can effectively be achieved with proper support paradigms and thoughtful technology planning