Automator, Part 1

Automator is an innovative personal automation assistant that makes it easy to
automate repetitive tasks and is already on your laptop! Learn how to use this time-saving application to quickly and easily rename files.


iCan Cafe iPhoto Keywords

Have you been meaning to organize your iPhoto Library?  Then this iCan Café is for you. One of iPhoto’s most useful—but underused—features is keywords. Once you’ve assigned keywords to photos, you can quickly organize and find photos in specific categories or for projects at school or at home.


Online Magazine Cover Generators

Want to create magazine covers but don’t have much skill in Photoshop? Check out these cool, free, online image generators!

fd’s Flickr Toys
Choose from a range of magazine cover layouts on this site.
Person of the Year Cover Creator
Create a “TIME Person of the Year” magazine cover on this site.
National Geographic, Time, or Business Today magazine covers can be generate on this site.
Create a “Dummies” cover here.

Xerox Wired Cover
Create a “Wired” magazine cover right at your fingertips!