An Email from Manchester, CT

“I know nothing about who or what you are.
Browsing through the Sprout website I went to your site
edtechconfrence (kukulu kaiaulu 2.0), I believe to see examples of
multiple pages.

Once there I simply clicked on the schedule tab.

Wow… by going through your schedule items and reading the
abstracts I discovered 22 references to Web apps I did not know
about. This astounded me. Whoever you are, or what ever your
organization you should be commended for forging such a provocative
program. How interesting that my personal interest in Sprout
technology brought me into your site’s promotion of pedagogy on the
same, and very similar, yet diverse subjects. Very well done, I’ll
bet your participants loved it! Mahalo!

I am a fifty seven year old student of the new and bold, have a
degree in Business (Lewis & Clark ’79, Portland) and happen to be
very interested in bringing my video and web experience into my
community schools.”

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