Judy Beaver, Punahou School, Director of Instructional Technology

Evernote is a web-based tool that allows you to keep all of your notes, images, and ideas in one “searchable” environment. Client software (free) is available for Mac or Pc and enables the user to work offline, and the easy sync mechanism can be set for manual or automatic. Evernote also integrates with Jott allowing you to dictate a 30 second audio recording that can be transcribed and stored in your notes. In addition you can use the camera on your phone to capture images and then email the pictures to your Evernote web account. The website utilizes handwriting recognition software that allows the search process to discover both written and printed words within an image. Evernote also integrates with Skitch (from plasq – the makers of Comic Life). Skitch allows you to manipulate pictures and images, add text or digital inking, and upload to Evernote. Come learn how the trio (Evernote, Jott, and Skitch) can be used to meet your note-taking needs!

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